Jen Psaki will not say where Biden’s “red line” is on allegations of sexual misconduct



White House press secretary Jen Psaki reiterated President Biden’s support for an independent investigation into the sexual harassment allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday, but did not want to say directly when the president would justify such allegations Overthrow of the governor.

Psaki was asked about Charlotte Bennett’s allegations that Cuomo made sexual advances against her – one of two former employees, including Lindsey Boylan, who took her allegations public.

The governor released a statement Sunday confirming that his comments to Bennett “could be misunderstood as undesirable flirtation” and that he is “sorry”.

Psaki was specifically asked when Biden believes sexual misconduct has crossed the “red line” – whether it is “unwanted physical overtures” or “unwanted language between a boss and a subordinate.”

“Well, as I said yesterday, it was incredibly uncomfortable to read this story as a woman, and we are sure that every woman, Charlotte, Lindsey, should be treated with respect and dignity and should be able to share her story tell them and treat them with respect, ”Psaki replied.

“As you noted, an independent investigation is under review. We’ll leave it to that process [state] Attorney General [Letitia James] to make a decision on the way forward, ”she continued.

However, she was pressed on the discrepancy between White House actions against former White House Speaker TJ Ducklo after he was accused of telling Politico reporter Tara Palmeri that he would “destroy” her because she was his Relationship with a journalist and investigated the situation with Cuomo.

The White House initially suspended him for a week, but after criticism increased amid the Biden government’s promise to fire employees who disrespected others, Ducklo resigned.

“The President has a benchmark for what is expected in his administration, which you referred to, treating people with courtesy, treating people with respect, and that is the bar he is setting in his administration with regard to that keeps going, “said Psaki.

“And we will leave the result of the investigation to the attorney general to conclude.”

Cuomo’s special adviser and senior advisor Beth Garvey said Sunday that the state AG James would open an investigation with subpoena powers into allegations surrounding the governor.


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