Joe Biden’s inaugural address was terrible


The 78-year-old president’s speech was a masterclass in political error, from mischievous clichés to bizarre self-contradictions.

Now that President Biden’s opening address is over, we can take a serious look at it. In a word, it was terrible. Probably nobody expected much from the 78-year-old failing politician, so nobody was disappointed. Inaugural speeches are intended to define the moments why they should be studied, even if only briefly.

Who wrote the speech? Who checked it out? The money stays with Biden, of course, but who – or which faction or factions – actually made it? And did Biden check it out? How often? Once? Once is not enough. Once is never enough. Is there anyone aboard the Biden ship who can write a good speech? We do not know yet.

There were of course the obligatory platitudes like, “This is a great nation and we are a good people.” You are not objectionable. Paint a picture of the nature, the great outdoors, the great outdoors of this extraordinary land and there will be heaven; from the beach and there will be sand.

But all too quickly we get to the serious things: “We can teach our children in safe schools.” What does that mean? Are Schools Dangerous? If yes why? Is Biden referring to one-off school shootings? Probably not – unless he’s just trying to wank a few tears.

What makes schools unsafe? Biden doesn’t tell us. Does he expect that from us? knows? Or maybe to reference something or some people (republicans? conservatives? other bogeymen?) that he didn’t indicate to make us think badly of them?

“We cannot see ourselves as opponents, but as neighbors.” Why did he say that? The speechwriter probably wrote “enemies,” not “opponents,” but that might have had too much bite for one of the probably dozen people through whose hands the speech passed on the way to Biden. We can of course be neighbors and Opponent.

“My fellow Americans, we have to be different.” Quality! If 78-year-old Biden has moxie at all, he should find the villain who wrote that sentence and get him to … learn grammar. “Anders” takes “not” with “from”. Bobby is different from Jane; He’s stronger than Jane. Even though Biden lets Bobby and Jane shower together at school, they’re different.

“Here we are facing the great mall where Dr. King spoke of his dream.” The appeal to Dr. King’s name is shameless! The country celebrated the king’s birthday just two days before the inauguration. What was King’s most memorable phrase? “I’m looking at a day when people are judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Is there anyone in the Biden group who believes this – and who Moxie has to say it out loud (and lose their credentials to wakefulness)? We will see.

“Many centuries ago St. Augustine, a saint of my church, wrote …” Please! Do not wrap yourself in your religion. The most terrible thing America is doing today is aborting babies, more than half a million a year, which is in direct contradiction to the teaching of the Church, with whose authority and holiness Biden tries to cover himself up. Shameless.

Would a newly-initiated Democrat speech be complete without a contribution to the Teddy Sorenson Award? “We will lead not only by the example of our power, but by the strength of our example.” The Kennedys might have had style and sex. Lots of sex. Her trademark was not sex with style, but style with sex. From this time and place the word should come that we will not do any more of this.

“And we have to reject a culture in which facts are manipulated and even produced.” But that’s good news from the impeachment party. No more “Russia agreement !!” Or isn’t that one of the facts Biden had in mind – assuming he had something in mind? How about a culture where facts are suppressed, like Hunter Biden’s laptop story? These facts were left by themselves and are probably quite hungry and lonely by now.

“Our story has been a constant battle between the American ideal that we are all created equal and the harsh, ugly reality that racism, nativism, fear and demonization have long torn us apart.”

Really, that’s just not true. But it’s part of the DNA of the new, lively Democratic Party. Racism may be a problem, but so is original sin. And no American – no decent American – wants 26,000 soldiers in the Capitol to protect against original sin.

Anti-nativism is another strand of the DNA of the new Democrats. Biden is only trying to legitimize flooding the country with millions of legal or illegal foreigners. This is great for African Americans: Foreigners who are poorly paid because they are not qualified will take over the jobs of people who are at the bottom of the business ladder and who are disproportionately black. Will the bright new Democrats chastise blacks if they find they have become nativists too?

All in all, the speech was about what you would expect from a failing older man who has surrounded himself with people who can’t wait for his successor to take command – if she hasn’t already.

Really sad.

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