Judge issues emergency order against beagle breeding facility


A federal judge has issued an emergency order imposing a series of restrictions on a Virginia dog kennel facility after regulators said the facility was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of beagle puppies.

The injunction, issued Saturday, comes after federal officials accused the Envigo RMS facility in Cumberland County of a series of animal welfare violations in a complaint filed Thursday. Officials confiscated nearly 150 Beagles from the site.

Envigo, headquartered in Indianapolis, breeds beagles for medical research at its Cumberland facility. It has housed up to 5,000 beagles in the last year.

US District Judge Norman Moon said evidence from federal inspections showed more than 300 beagle puppies had died there in the past seven months of unknown causes. He also said in his order that lactating beagles were denied adequate food and puppies were euthanized without anesthesia.

The company issued a statement on Saturday denying the allegations, saying “animal welfare is a core value of our company.”

The judge’s order comes after federal officials accused the Cumberland County facility of Envigo RMS of a series of animal welfare violations.

Envigo was also the subject of an undercover investigation by Norfolk-based animal rights group PETA last year, which uncovered similar abuses.

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