Kanye West is reportedly attending the Atlanta United game


Kanye West apparently attended the game against Atlanta United FC on Saturday but didn’t stay long. West may have been thrown from some seats shortly after the game started.

As with most things West related, this sounds both completely plausible and completely fictitious. Let’s go through the various reports from social media to see if West was actually at the game and if he was knocked off some seats.

Both rumors began after New York writer Charles Bethea tweeted a photo claiming West was thrown from the seats belonging to one of Bethea’s friends.

West is said to be the person in the red jacket with the nylon covering over his entire head. Another video popped up showing this person giving a brief wave to fans shouting “Kanye”.

His face is covered in nylon so it’s hard to tell if that’s West, but it’s at least plausible that it is him.

Did Kanye West really show up at an Atlanta United game?

There is quite a lot of evidence to suggest that this is indeed West. For one thing, we know he was in Atlanta. West presented his new album “Donda” on Thursday during a listening event at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium – where Atlanta United plays. Photos from the event show West wearing this exact outfit, complete with nylon headgear.

There was also a report suggesting that West and his crew were tucked into the visitors’ locker room prior to this event and apparently had everything set up there prior to Saturday’s game.

Because of this, Atlanta United’s opponent – Columbus Crew – reportedly had to use a different dressing room ahead of Saturday’s game.

We don’t really know whether West and his group were thrown from their seats. Evidence suggests it can be, but Atlanta United has not officially said anything about whether it has been moved west from someone else’s seats.

Was West actually at the game? We tend to say yes. It’s always possible that this isn’t West, and it’s part of some elaborate, weird prank by the rapper. You can’t count that when West is involved.

But it seems like West is actually trying to play a game against Atlanta United. It’s unclear if West could stay and watch the rest of the competition … or when “Donda” – which was promised for Friday – will actually be released.

Kanye West is apparently a huge Atlanta United fan. (Photo by Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Universal Music Group)

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