Keisha Lance Bottoms blames the increase in crime on the GOP’s reopening plan and easy access to guns


Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says her city is besieged with crime because Republicans at the statehouse took up arms against the end of COVID-19 restrictions in Georgia.

Bottoms, a Democrat, told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that lax gun laws and young people with too much free time contributed to a 50 percent increase in pre-pandemic homicides – but she said the controversial April 20, 2020 was Governor Brian Kemp’s Relocated The relaxation of lockdown restrictions was also a major culprit.

“Remember that in Georgia we opened before the rest of the country, even before the CDC said it was safe for us to open so our nightclubs and bars would stay open so that people from all over the country would come here to celebrate our city there, “said Bottoms during the interview on Friday.

The mayor also said the pandemic had “injured and injured many people not only physically but also emotionally,” leading to an increase and personal disputes exacerbated by easy access to weapons.

“As long as we do not deal with the systemic problems of gun violence in this country, how easily young people, people with mental illnesses can get guns in this country, I fear that this will not be the last summer that we have this conversation . “Bottoms told the cable network.

The mayor noted that the increase in violent crime was not just due to Atlanta.

“If it were just an Atlanta problem, I would know we didn’t get something right … but I speak to mayors and I hear from mayors in cities and major metropolitan areas, we all experience this, which” means we must all work together to find a solution to this armed violence that grips our nation, ”Bottoms told Ruhle.

Governor Brian Kemp began easing restrictions in Georgia in late April.
Governor Brian Kemp began easing restrictions in Georgia in late April 2020.
Brynn Anderson / AP

Recent figures show that the shootings in New York City in 2021 were up about 68 percent year over year.

Bottoms said her city is working with the FBI to crack down on criminals while the report is launching a new summer employment program for teenagers.

The mayor’s comments come as some community leaders in Atlanta’s posh Buckhead neighborhood resign from the city because of the rise in crime.

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