“Lalo” Rodríguez, Puerto Rican salsa singer, has died at the age of 64


Local authorities reported that Puerto Rican salsa musician “Lalo” Rodríguez, who was once part of Eddie Palmieri’s band, died Tuesday at the age of 64, according to the Associated Press.

The “Ven, devórame otra vez” singer was found dead in a public housing project on US territory, police said, according to the AP. The cause of death is still unknown, but there were no visible signs of violence on Rodríguez’s body, the AP reported.

Born Ubaldo Rodríguez Santos in 1958, the singer began his career as a child singing at local events and festivals, as well as on radio and television.

As a teenager, he finally joined Palmieri’s band in 1973, where he got his stage name “Lalo”. The Salsero sang on Palmieri’s album Sun of Latin Music – which won a Grammy in 1976, the first Grammy awarded to a Latin record.

After his time in the band, Rodríguez had a successful solo career and continued to produce music until the late 2000s.

Lalo Rodríguez died at the age of 64
FILE – Lalo Rodriguez attends the ‘Dia Nacional de la Zalza’ press conference as one of the awardees March 10, 2016 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Gladys Vega / Contributors / Getty Images

While the Salsero has made a name for himself in the music world, he has struggled with drugs and alcohol in his personal life and has previously been charged with cocaine possession, according to the AP.

Several prominent figures from the Puerto Rican community and salsa music world honored the late Rodríguez with tributes on social media.

Musician Eddie Palmieri said his former bandmate was “a giant in many ways.”

“It is with deep sadness that I learn of the death of Lalo Rodríguez,” Palmieri wrote. “I don’t need to tell you how much he meant to me, to our music and culture and to the world community.”

Grammy-winning salsa band Grupo Niche played expression on Twitter and called Rodríguez “one of the most famous salsa voices in the world”.

“Much strength to his family, supporters and friends,” the group added.

Puerto Rican singer Elvis Crespo honored Rodríguez’s memoir, who tweeted that he had “one of the most beautiful voices my ears have heard and will hear.”

“His unique timbre, melody and power immortalized his music,” said Crespo. “My sincere condolences to his family and fans.”

Journalist Benjamin Torres Gotay called the memory of the Grammy winner “immortal”.

“He will always live on in ‘Devórame otra vez’, ‘Máximo Chamorro’ and ‘Deseo salvaje’ and in many other works,” Gotay said. “Sad end today for a true legend.”

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