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AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic found a new way to say “stick with the sport” targeting the most common target in Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Ibrahimovic, a former Los Angeles Galaxy star, disapproves of anyone with “status” getting involved in politics and has specifically addressed James.

Ibrahimovic disagrees with James’ activism

Ibrahimovic, who is from Sweden, told UEFA and Discovery + in Sweden that James is “phenomenal but I don’t like it when people with ‘status’ talk about politics at the same time as what they are doing.”

“Do what you can. Do the category you do,” he said. “I play football because I play the best football, I am not a politician. If I had been a politician, I would be into politics. This is the first mistake famous people make when they get famous and get into a situation. ” certain status. For me, it’s better to avoid certain topics and do what you do best because otherwise it won’t look good. “

Ibrahimovic, 39, was with the galaxy for two years. He joined AC Milan in December 2019. The club is fighting for the Serie A title.

James’ activism is part of life as a US citizen

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, 23, warms up before their NBA basketball game against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo / Rick Bowmer)

James’ work outside of the court is tedious and since anything can get political his work is considered political. As a citizen of the United States, James has the right to express his opinion on changes and work to bring them about.

He criticized former President Donald Trump’s leadership, targeting divisive rhetoric and supporting current President Joe Biden during the election. Last summer he founded “More Than a Vote” to improve voter turnout and improve tactics for suppressing voters in the black community. The NBA and WNBA players and teams have worked in their bubble season to get people to vote – just vote in general – and it worked. His “political” work goes beyond these steps over the past year.

Athletes and celebrities have used their platform to campaign for guidelines that normally fall under the human rights categories. Some in these “status” categories have held political jobs as senators, governors, and even president of the United States. While most politicians have aspirations at a young age and are “career politicians” with previous jobs as lawyers or in business, there are many others who start elsewhere. Individuals in other job categories use their voices and platforms to run for and win office, and then use their experience to pass laws that will help others.

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