Man accused of using stun gun, flagpole, to attack police officers during the Capitol riot


The Justice Department has accused a California man of assaulting a police officer during the deadly riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Officials accused 38-year-old Daniel Rodriguez of using a “stun gun” and a flagpole against DC Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Fanone who asked the mob to save his life during the riot.

The indictment posted here did not specifically name Fanone, but referred to the victim as a “law enforcement officer, ie M. F., Metropolitan Police Department officer”.

The Huffington Post first reported that M.F. is Fanone.

Fanone told reporters how he overheard the rioters encouraging one another to “kill him with his own gun” while they tried to take his gun away from him.

“It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Fanone said at the time.

Rodriguez faces eight charges, including assault on police officers, theft of government property, and chaos on the US Capitol grounds with dangerous or deadly weapons.

The FBI received tips about Rodriguez in January, including one from a man Rodriguez appears to have videotaped at a rally in Los Angeles.

The charges against Rodriguez were filed last week but were not released until Wednesday after the Justice Department overturned the charges.

Rodriguez is the second man charged with the attack on Fanone. Earlier this month, New York-based Thomas Sibick was arrested on multiple charges, including obstructing law enforcement during a civil disorder and assaulting or obstructing officials.

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