Marshawn Lynch joins USL’s Oakland Roots ownership


Marshawn Lynch joins an owner group in his hometown and works as a partner to help his community.

The Oakland Roots Sports Club of the USL Championship, the second division of American men’s football, announced that NFL star Lynch joined its ownership group on Friday. Oakland Roots and Lynch also partner with local company Goalsetter to help students with financial literacy.

Lynch joins USL football club ownership

The club made the announcement with a matching clip of Lynch going into beast mode, earning a red card, and tossing it out of the hands of the official during a 2017 charity game.

Lynch grew up in Oakland, attended nearby UC Berkley, and spent two seasons with the Oakland Raiders between 2017 and 18. The Raiders have since left for Las Vegas.

“When I grew up in The Town, we could always count on the pro teams in the field,” Lynch said in the press release Join Oakland Roots, it wasn’t just something I wanted to do, it was something what I had to do. “

The Roots was founded in 2019 to “harness the magic of Oakland and the power of sport as a force for social good”. The team said it is determined to advance social justice and support athletic activists. This year the anti-racist project was launched.

Oakland starts its season in May. Lynch spoke to ESPN’s SportsNation in more detail on Friday about his involvement.

Lynch brings financial literacy to the hometown

The Roots and Lynch partner with Oakland-born Goalsetter, a financial literacy app for kids K-12 that teaches financial literacy through game quizzes. The intent is to fill the wealth gap by providing students with financial education that they can carry through life.

“Giving kids in my hometown a professional soccer club and players to look up to and a team this community and city to look forward to was something I had to come to terms with,” Lynch said in the press release . “And then you layer in the commitment that you have entered into for this city through all of our basic efforts, the partnership with Goalsetter. They just calmed down and told me that the organization is not just talking about creating change, but really about making those measures and s *** happen. “

Lynch, currently still an NFL free agent, has called on players to be financially responsible and famously told them in a post-game availability to take care of their chicken.“” The Super Bowl champion, entrepreneur, and philanthropist is active in the community and combats social injustice through action.

He bought real estate in Oakland to help slow gentrification and keep housing affordable. Instead of seeing a popular soul food restaurant near town, he bought it. The list is complete and includes assisting individuals with cell phone procurement and payment, as well as providing educational assistance to minority students.

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