McCarthy promises a contempt charge Thursday if the FBI’s Wray continues to dawdle with Biden’s “bribery document.”


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Monday made a firm promise that FBI Director Christopher Wray would face contempt of Congress charges on Thursday if he failed to submit a document to the entire House Oversight Committee in which a whistleblower allegedly alleges the then-Vice President Biden engaged in “bribery.”[s]” with a foreigner.

McCarthy, R-California, said Wray — who previously served as attorney for then-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during the George Washington BridgeGate scandal — initially did not acknowledge the document’s existence.

However, Wray later agreed to let the panel’s chair and senior member – Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., and Jamie Raskin, D-Md. – to allow inspection of the document. McCarthy said the concession is still unconstitutional.

“He’s going to be despised if he doesn’t do what he’s responsible for,” McCarthy told Jesse Watters Primetime.

FBI Director Christopher Wray initially declined to acknowledge the existence of the document.

“Remember, in the Commitment to America, Republicans said we would make sure we have accountability and transparency. A whistleblower came before us and said he went to the FBI because he found out about a $5 million bribe from a foreign person to then-Vice President Biden and then talked about it, money to LLCs and others broadcast,” McCarthy added.

“We subpoenaed this because, as you consider, Congress has the constitutional right to monitor the FBI. This document is not even classified. What was the first thing director Wray said? He didn’t even admit if he had it.”

McCarthy said Wray then said he would not provide the document, which he allegedly did not acknowledge existed.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he would "is despised if he does not do what he is responsible for."
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said FBI Director Christopher Wray “is despised when he doesn’t do what is his responsibility.”

The spokesman said a phone call followed with Wray, in which he was told he would be despised unless he cooperated with full authority of Congress.

Regarding Wray’s commitment to make the document available to Comer and Raskin, McCarthy said, “That’s not how the Constitution works.”

“Everyone on the Oversight Committee, Republican and Democrat, has the right to see this unclassified document. If he doesn’t come forward and let everyone know, we will file contempt charges against him,” he said.

The document the whistleblower allegedly alleges about then-Vice President Biden contains information that he bribed a foreigner.
The document the whistleblower allegedly alleges about then-Vice President Biden contains information that he bribed a foreigner.
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McCarthy said Secretary of State Antony Blinken was at risk of the same kind of problem regarding documents on the Afghan disengagement.

“Congress has the constitutional right to monitor and hold this administration accountable. We alone are the voice of the people and we have the right to see it. And look. The FBI now says there is an ongoing investigation,” McCarthy added.

Host Jesse Watters noted that Wray may have concerns that there may be a resume point that shows he has a contempt charge.

McCarthy said the director must indeed be concerned and that the document eventually received more acknowledgment after contempt was brought to the table.

McCarthy said the contempt lawsuit will begin in the Como Committee and go to the House plenary next week. He said the document allegedly accused Biden of being involved in a scheme to ship foreign money to LLCs and that Biden’s family members allegedly received money from those LLCs.

“This is the business the Bidens have: They don’t own real estate. They do not do anything. They don’t make anything. But a lot of people in the Biden family get money — down to grandkids, down to in-laws, but they don’t work there. Isn’t that a bit awkward or weird? Doesn’t that raise the prospect that maybe you should take a closer look?” he said.

In response to the threat of disregard, Raskin said in a statement that the FBI duly complied with Comer’s May 3 subpoena by making the document available for personal review and his and the Kentuckian’s questions “for over an hour.” ‘ answered.

“As the FBI detailed during today’s briefing and in previous discussions leading up to today’s settlement, the release of this form could put the confidential human source at serious risk and undermine the integrity of future FBI programs and investigations,” said Takoma Park Democrat added.

Raskin also accused Comer of pursuing the “arms power” of committee power as “part of a MAGA Republican effort to discredit and ultimately ‘crush’ the FBI.”

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