Megan Rapinoe challenged Draymond Green to receive equal pay


When a loaded Saturday Sweet 16 slate was awarded a UConn-Iowa women’s heavyweight matchup, Draymond Green weighed on the equal opportunity conversation that was dominated in March.

The Golden State Warriors striker posted a lengthy version of Twitter addressing issues such as wage differentials and media exposure in men’s and women’s sports. He invited “Lady Hoopers” to join the conversation, and some did. Just like soccer star Megan Rapinoe, a bitter advocate of women’s rights in sport and beyond.

Not everyone was on board with Green’s takes.

Draymond’s setting

Green’s Twitter screed is too long to post in full here. But here are the highlights, with Green primarily pushing for more awareness of the women’s sport, which leads to more revenue and ultimately more pay for the athletes. Towards the end of UConn’s victory over Iowa, he began tweeting.

He also encouraged women to take responsibility for their stories to be told and explained why he turned down opportunities to self-raise awareness.

Women answer

ESPN’s Maria Taylor, an eminent volleyball and basketball player at college in Georgia, seemed to question that point as she thanked Green for her efforts.

Rapinoe: We asked about these things

Rapinoe, who has fought for equal pay and opportunities in Congress and in court, pointed to her and others’ efforts in response to Green.

She then argued that it is up to the men to make change and encourage Green to do it themselves.

Napheesa Collier of the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx also encouraged Green and his NBA colleagues to use their power to advance the gender equality movement.

The funding gap between the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments has dominated sports talk for the past few weeks. It will likely continue to spark more conversations, like the one Green started on Saturday.

Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green # 23 competes in the first half against the Golden State Warriors at the Chase Center on January 4, 2020 in San Francisco, California.

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