Megan Rapinoe for equal pay, US football, Seth Jahn’s ranting


Although Megan Rapinoe could only enter the NCAA women’s basketball tournament in cut out formIt felt like she was there. The US women’s national team superstar has spent game days tweeting about inequality, but also about the games themselves.

Cross-promotion between women’s sports leagues is increasing, and Rapinoe is not getting involved out of need, but out of pure fandom.

“I have to be really honest, that’s cool. That’s why,” Rapinoe told Emox News of her ongoing tournament commentary. “Yes, of course I have a vested interest. I’m an athlete. I think what I do is cool. I think what my team does is cool. We win all the time, we It’s fun to see.

“I’m doing it on purpose, obviously, to use the platform where I have to talk about all the sports, but in the end I find it very exciting.”

Rapinoe will be out of game commentary and back on the pitch this weekend when women’s football is the focus. The USWNT will play against Sweden on Saturday and France on Tuesday in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. The NWSL, in which Rapinoe plays for OL Reign, starts its season on Friday with the 2021 Challenge Cup.

The two-time FIFA World Cup winner was off the field of play at the beginning of 2021. She testified at a Congressional committee hearing last month and met President Joe Biden with USWNT teammate Margaret “Midge” Purce at the White House on Equal Pay Day. In February, she watched as US football officially lifted the rule known colloquially as the “Rapinoe Rule,” which requires players to stand during the national anthem.

“It would be a huge stain and embarrassment for all of US football if it wasn’t actually overturned. I think that’s positive,” she said.

Rapinoe spoke exclusively to Emox News about the past few months as part of their Women’s History Month partnership with Smirnoff and SideBarre, a small black-owned company that hosted the star for a class.

Rapinoe on the rule discussion of the US football anthem

USWNT players Margaret Purce (left) and Megan Rapinoe met with President Joe Biden at an Equal Pay Day event at the White House last week. (AP Photo / Evan Vucci)

At the urging of the USWNT, the USMNT and the new Federation President Cindy Parlow Cone, the American Football Association voted to repeal the kneeling anthem rule in June 2020. The decision was not final until full membership of US football voted in favor of repeal at its annual general meeting in February.

Rapinoe, who took a knee for the first time in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick in 2016, called it a formality.

“I think it’s important,” Rapinoe told Emox News. “What is important is what is in the books. What is important is what is written and what guidelines companies and organizations have. So it is another good step forward and another step that shows that they are committed to making it better to become and be a good partner and active leader. ” the space. “

More than 70 percent of the government agency voted for the repeal. Paralympian Seth Jahn gave a seven-minute racist speech in favor of the rule, citing the topic of conversation that those who kneel disregard the flag and the military.

“It is unfortunate that he has kept the platform for so long,” said Rapinoe. “And I think anyone who is really, really interested in progress and the dismantling of white supremacy and systemic racism in this country is not having this conversation at all. We are passing it by. And people who are still having conversations are use the military as a shield to avoid talking about the racism we have in our country.

“This is really unfortunate and a lot of people still do this, but this really isn’t where it is and you kind of show your whole ass using that as your main argument to avoid kneeling.”

Parlow Cone issued a statement reiterating the repeal of the “right to peacefully protest against racial inequalities and police brutality”. Jahn was removed from the US Football Athlete Council within a few days.

“Tone Shift” in the US Football Association, same pay

Rapinoe said the tone of US football is changing thanks in part to Parlow Cone, and this was seen in statements about Black Lives Matter and the Anthem.

“I think there has been a tonal shift in the federation, but I’m not really just looking for a tonal shift,” Rapinoe said. “We’re going to need a lot more than just for them to change the way they talk about things.”

Megan Rapinoe knelt in 2016 for the first time in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick. (AP Photo / John Bazemore)

One of these is the case of equal pay between USWNT players and the Federation. Players can proceed to appeal the judge’s dismissal of this part of the case once the unequal working conditions settlement is completed.

“I feel good about it [the case] obviously because I know what the reality is. I know how strong our case is, “said Rapinoe.” I think that agreement would probably be best for both sides if we could get to a place that is fair and just. And that completely frees us from past discrimination and sets us a future deal that will ensure that there will be fair and equitable wages and that we will not find ourselves in this situation again. ”

Women support women in sports

Rapinoe has always been a huge NBA fan and supported the WNBA, but she gained new respect for the latter by playing games during her relationship with her fiancé Sue Bird.

“The people who troll the WNBA or women’s sports don’t see it,” Rapinoe said. “And they’re not athletes themselves. Maybe they think they are and want to be. And I think anyone who actually watches consistently can’t help but be entertained.

“And I think without knowing all the time that this product is s **** y and it’s not that exciting or the value isn’t there if we just flip the script and say, actually, just check it out on and we’ll see. ”

Rapinoe backed up her point by noting that Dana Evans, a senior in Louisville and WNBA, scored 29 points in the Sweet 16 and in the freshman showdown between Paige Bueckers and Caitlin Clark who got activist Megan out on Twitter. As the future wife of a UConn legend, she said she feels she needs to put down roots for the Huskies, and she’s just as passionate about Bueckers as anyone else.

“Watching Paige Bueckers play is very exciting. This kid is like, weighs 100 pounds and is so lanky and a newbie and she rips it up,” Rapinoe said.

Rapinoe recognized the differences in media coverage, product range and basic game information for viewers and began sharing them on Twitter.

“We were so stifled to be honest and I think it’s really amazing how successful it is, whether it’s the WNBA, the NWSL, the women’s national team or the NCAA,” said Rapinoe. “The success we’ve had with the discrimination and suffocation that we’ve had to deal with is actually the story. In the end, I just love it and I believe in it and I think it’s dope.”

Rapinoe is a partner of the Black-Owned Business Initiative

Rapinoe pays attention to how it uses its platform and which companies it aligns with. In a Q&A with participants in the Activation Barre class Smirnoff x SideBarre, she said she wanted companies to really stand up for social and racial justice and equality.

The partnership with Smirnoff was intended to help the black-owned business by introducing fans of four celebrities, including Rapinoe, to the Barre class and the DC location. Smirnoff also pledged $ 50,000 to Black Girl Ventures, a foundation that funds black and brown female founders.

“Companies don’t just grow on their own, they don’t grow either,” said Rapinoe. “Unless you’re self-funded and obviously have all the money. But very few people have that ability.”

According to studies, about 97 percent of all venture finance goes to white men, and of the remaining three percent, one percent goes to black-owned companies and even less to black-owned companies.

“To be able to change that and actually invest money – that is the only way to show people that we really care about people in this society, is capital and financial investments and people’s rewards for their work I think this is a really great first step, “said Rapinoe. “I say this all the time for individuals, but also for brands, everyone has a responsibility to do something. We are all part of this ecosystem and this world together, so how can you do something?” “

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