Megyn Kelly wears a red MAGA-style hat in a poolside picture


Megyn Kelly caused a stir on social media after posting a photo of herself wearing a MAGA-style red baseball cap to Twitter over the weekend.

The hat in question read “Making Women Feminine Again” in capital letters – a nod to the apparent culture war over gender and trans people.

Kelly, who notoriously trained with ex-President Donald Trump, posed in the red cap, sunglasses and a bikini in a poolside selfie alongside a friend.

“Thanks for a HUGE week on @MegynKellyShow,” she said tweeted next to the picture. “In Miami we are celebrating our friend’s 50th birthday and look forward to another great week of shows starting Monday.”

The SiriusXM presenter’s followers were apparently huge fans of her hat, with several saying they “loved” the hat.

“Best Hat in Miami!” one person commented.

“Amen on guard!” another replied.

“Great hat! I want one!” One user tweeted with a laughing emoji.

The “Megyn Kelly Show” host tweeted shortly after posting the image that the hat was from an e-commerce website called “Adult Human Female” created by Kellie Jay-Keen – whose website proclaims “2023 is the year of TERF” or “trans exclusionary radical feminist.”

The picture of Kelly putting on the MAGA neighboring hat was reposted on Twitter by a criminal defense attorney who oversees the far right on his platform, Ron Filipkowski.

In response to the image, Trump wrote: “Everyone should boycott the @megynkelly show,” he also included a screenshot tweet from 2016 by then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Never worth seeing. Always a hit on Trump! She’s sick and the most overrated person on TV.”

“A walk down memory lane,” Filipkowski captioned the screenshot.

The comments below his repost of Kelly’s photo were in stark contrast to those below the radio host’s original tweet.

“Imagine that a sophomoric one-off slogan will (in any way) help revitalize a stunted career path,” one user gruffly added under the repost.

“That’s because the ‘Please Make Me Relevant Again’ hat sold out,” another person commented.

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