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Human spies will not be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI), even as machines make information “infinitely more accessible,” the head of Britain’s foreign intelligence agency MI6 will say.

Sir Richard Moore, head of the Secret Service, is due to make a rare public speech during a visit to Prague on Wednesday.

He will not only focus on the “human factor” in espionage, but also talk about it Russia’s War in Ukraine And Iran’s efforts to support President Vladimir Putin in conflict.

Sir Richard will also report on Russian attempts to gain influence in Africa.

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“AI will threaten our democracy”

AI can’t compete with “unique” human agents

On the subject of AI, the spy chief will comment on whether computers will put human intelligence-gathering organizations like MI6 out of business.

“In fact, the opposite may be the case. As the AI ​​scours the ocean of open sources, there will be even more value in discovering the mysteries that lie beyond the reach of their webs with a well-cast fly,” he said.

“The unique qualities of human agents in the right places become even more significant.”

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US and China “must work together on AI”.

Machines are being upgraded “at an amazing rate”.

Sir Richard adds: ‘They are never just passive gatherers of information: our agents can be assigned and instructed; they can identify new questions we couldn’t ask; and sometimes they can influence decisions within a government or a terrorist group.”

“In the age of artificial intelligence, human intelligence is increasingly being defined as what machines cannot do, although we must expect the frontiers of machine capabilities to be pushed at amazing speed.”

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