Michigan police officer Tyler Nousen adopts a puppy that was thrown over a bridge


An adorable pup who fell over a bridge was rescued by Michigan authorities and went home with one of the officers involved in the daring rescue.

Police unveiled the heartwarming adoption on Monday, along with an arrest report for two people on animal cruelty charges.

The rescue mission began last Wednesday after the pup fell several feet over the railing of the Spruce Street Bridge on the banks of the Cloverland Power Canal, according to the Sault Ste. Marie police station.

Surveillance footage of the incident released by the department shows one of the suspects appears to pick up a dog from the street and then drop the canine friend over the railing before fleeing with the other person.

The tiny dog ​​was trapped there due to fences and the fast-moving water, police said.

But a police officer lowered himself to the fenced area and picked up the puppy, authorities said. He then lifted the dog over his head, over the high fence, and into the hands of another officer waiting on the bridge.

The pup was trapped in the fenced area before an officer picked him up.
Sault Ste. Marie police station

The pup was unharmed and was placed in a cozy police car before being taken to the police station and then to the Chippewa County Animal Shelter, officers said.

Soon after, officer Tyler Nousen decided to adopt the pup, now named Clove, even surprising his fiancee in the process, according to one report.

The suspects who dropped the pup over the railing
The suspects fled after throwing the puppy off the bridge.
Sault Ste. Marie police station

“She didn’t know until I brought her home on Friday, so it was a surprise to her, so she had no idea,” Nousen told 9and10 News. “Every dog ​​deserves a loving and caring, safe home, and I was more than willing to offer her that.”

Meanwhile, Jasmine Elise Clark has been charged with third-degree animal cruelty, which is a felony, police said. You face up to four years in prison.

The minor was referred to juvenile court and has not been identified, police said.

Police broadcast surveillance footage of the suspects before they were taken into custody, along with footage of the incident.

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