Missouri boy loses birthday balloons, stranger who found them 500 miles away sends presents


A second grader from Missouri who lost his birthday balloons received a pleasant surprise after the sudden loss — $100 in cash from a stranger who found the balloons hundreds of miles away.

Kason Johnson had just celebrated his 8th birthday at school with his classmates on October 16 when he lost his hands on the balloons he had been given while walking to his mother’s car.

He watched wistfully as they floated off into the sky in his hometown of Mountain Grove, certain they would never be seen again.

However, 500 miles away in Cleveland, Tenn., a man was mowing his lawn when he noticed a bunch of balloons stuck to his fence, KORL reported.

Attached to the balloons was an envelope with the name of the company that sold the balloons and the name of Kason’s school, Mountain Grove Elementary.

The man, Todd Huyler, used the information he found to send Kason and his teacher homemade gifts he had crafted in his wood shop — as well as $100 in cash for the birthday boy.

Some call the act an act of “unselfish love.”
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Huyler also sent a photo of himself with his dachshund, Henry, and even took the time to write a heartfelt message to Kason’s parents.

In the note, he said he was thinking about how to bless those God put in his way when he saw the balloons, according to KORL

“Really a message in a bottle,” Huyler wrote in the letter. “I was incredibly impressed by the simple gesture of a family showing love and appreciation to their second grader with a surprise gift. How incredibly fortunate Kason is to have a family that makes the effort to show unselfish love.”

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