MLS investigation into Timbers-United’s allegations of racism inconclusive


Major League Soccer’s investigation into allegations of racism during a game between Portland Timbers and Minnesota United last month was deemed inconclusive on Monday.

The league is investigating allegations made by Timbers manager Giovanni Savarese and his players that racial ridicule was directed at their midfielder Diego Chara during the June 26 game.

MLS said it conducted interviews with players and officials and checked both video and audio of the game during its investigation.

“While MLS believed the allegation was made in good faith, the league was unable to confirm or disprove the allegation,” a league statement said. “MLS will use this moment to increase its commitment and commitment of each of its clubs to an environment that is free from discrimination or harassment and treats all participants with respect and inclusiveness.”

Timbers say United have racist words against Diego Chara. directed

A Minnesota United player reportedly directed a racist sentence against Timbers’ Diego Chara last month. (Soobum Im / Getty Images)

Game between the Timbers and Minnesota United was suspended in the 65th minute on June 26, and the official stopped speaking to the captains and Chara. The game then resumed and ended without incident, and the Minnesota won 1-0.

After the game, Timbers manager Giovanni Savarese beat the official for the way he was treated and defended Chara, who is black and is from Colombia.

“I am very and extremely disappointed that at this point we still have to deal with situations that should not happen in any sport or anywhere,” he said. “They are things that are not acceptable and in this game there was a situation that had to do with a racist situation. A discriminatory word that was said to one of our players who has nowhere, in any situation or in any way, room may have.” Sport, nowhere.

“That’s why I’m very disappointed that we still have to deal with situations like this in a game at the moment. The referee should have dealt with this situation much better.”

“We all support Diego Chara but what happened to him today, the discriminatory word he was told, shouldn’t have any place right now and I’m very disappointed that it wasn’t taken as seriously as it should” The whole team, I, the entire organization and Diego Chara are in this situation that happened on the field today. “

It is unclear what was actually said.

“The team has been investigating the matter and the player involved in the reported incident has denied making derogatory comments,” Minnesota United said in a statement across ESPN the next day.

“We will support the league in any investigation they may make into the alleged incident. MNUFC is built on inclusiveness and respect and will not tolerate discrimination under any circumstances.”

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