MLS said Timbers did not take action against the charges following Polo allegations


An independent investigation found that the Portland Timbers did not offer the estranged wife of former midfielder Andy Polo a financial incentive not to file a complaint following an alleged domestic violence incident, Major League Soccer said Tuesday.

MLS hired a law firm to investigate Polo, who the Timbers released last month after his former partner Genessis Alarcón accused him of domestic violence on a Peruvian TV show. The league said the Timbers did not report the incident but did not do so maliciously. The Timbers were fined $25,000.

“Investigators concluded that the Timbers’ offer to help Genessis Alarcón, Mr. Polo’s former partner, and their children was unintended and did not cause Ms. Alarcon not to pursue criminal charges against Mr. Polo,” MLS said in a statement via ESPN: “The report also concluded that the Timbers MLS should have reported the May 23, 2021 incident, but there was no evidence that the Timbers attempted to conceal or conceal the incident.

“Although the investigation found no evidence that the Timbers organization influenced Ms Alarcón’s decision to press charges and that she made no attempt to cover up the incident, prompt reporting for league oversight is the treatment.” potential wrongdoing and ensuring that players and their families are vital, referred to appropriate resources, possibly including the league’s substance abuse and behavioral health program.

Andy Polo accused domestic violence

Alarcón claimed on the Peruvian television show Magaly TV, La Firme in February that Polo attacked her and her children.

Alarcón said Polo pulled her hair, hit her and gave her a black eye, among other things. “Yes, he was violent towards my children as well,” she added.

She also said that Polo has stopped helping her and her children financially. It is not known when the alleged abuse took place.

According to ESPN, Polo received a subpoena on May 23, 2021 after grabbing Alarcón’s wrist. A police report from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department said, according to ESPN:

“Genesis said Andy and she had been fighting for the last two days. She told me she was in the kitchen at home today and was cleaning when Andy came home. She said Andy wanted to take her phone back because he wanted to take back everything he had ever given. She told him she hadn’t. She said during the argument Andy reached out and grabbed her right wrist and scratched it. She showed me the underside of her right wrist and I saw , which looked like a bright red abrasion.”

Polo was released from the Timbers shortly after Alarcón’s allegations.

Andy Polo’s estranged wife accused the Timbers of urging her not to press charges after she made allegations of domestic violence against him. (George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

MLS said Timbers had no intention of persuading Alarcón not to press charges

Alarcón has since filed a domestic violence lawsuit against both Polo and Timbers’ parent company, accusing Polo of assault, assault and negligence and Timber’s negligence.

Alarcón said Timbers officials — including Security Chief Jim McCausland and Chief Executive Officer Christine Mascal — tried to urge them not to press charges against Polo. At one point, Alarcón told ESPN that they “offered her inducements to drop the charges.”

“They wanted to help me and make sure I and my kids weren’t left on the streets,” Alarcón said through a translator, via ESPN. “They wanted to make sure Andy was responsible for me and my kids but it never happened. I was told this would be in exchange for not filing charges.”

At that meeting, Mascal could be heard on a recording discussing the charges, saying that Polo is “now trying to give you everything you need and get your life going here and it for you and your family.” easier to do. ”

According to ESPN, Mascal can be heard explaining that there could be a trial and that Polo could be fined or jailed.

“Naturally, [Polo] probably doesn’t want to go that route, right? So we tell him to get you what you need,” Mascal told Alarcón via ESPN. “Hopefully it doesn’t end up in a litigation situation.”

Alarcón’s attorney, Michael Fuller, said the conversation was inappropriate.

“Why would the Timbers send this representative over to speak to the crime victim?” Fuller said via ESPN, “Why would this attorney tell the crime victim they didn’t want her to press charges? Why did they talk about awarding money from Andy to help her, and also that they didn’t want charges to be brought? We’ll see what happens in the civil case.”

While MLS’s investigation found that the team offered no financial incentives not to press charges, Fuller said their conclusion didn’t surprise him.

“Considering this is an internal investigation, these findings do not surprise us,” Fuller said in a statement via ESPN. “I do not question their integrity or their independence. I’m just saying that I’m not surprised. In my previous internal investigations, we hired independent judges and outside counsel who do not know the identities of the parties involved, and we present them with neutral fact samples and ask them to draw conclusions. That was not done.”

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