New Hampshire home hit by plane, killing all on board


A light aircraft crashed into a New Hampshire apartment building Friday night, killing all occupants, officials said.

A single-engine Beechcraft Sierra struck a two-story building north of Dillant/Hopkins Airport in Keene just before 7 p.m., the FAA told The Post in an email.

There were no injuries in the building, the city of Keene said.

“Unfortunately, they died on the plane,” the announcement said.

Local residents said the plane struck a nearby barn, setting it ablaze.
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Emergency teams working in the affected area.
An explosion was heard as emergency teams arrived in the area.

Video of the scene captures massive flames erupting and dark smoke billowing from the building. An explosion is heard as rescue teams drive to the scene.

Police could not provide more information on how many people were killed in the crash, although a Beechcraft Sierra typically contains up to six flyers.

Local residents told WCVB that the plane struck a storage barn next to the apartment building, causing it to burst into flames.

“It was very scary, I mean, I was sitting in the chair and I heard the big bang and then the house shaking,” said resident Robin Guimond.

Officials have asked travelers to avoid the area until further notice as emergency measures continue.

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