Neymar is responding to sexual assault allegations shared with Nike


Neymar said on Instagram that he “did not get the opportunity to defend himself” against sexual assault by a Nike employee. (John Berry / Getty Images)

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar responded to Nike’s “lies” on Friday after a report alleged that he and the company’s split were due to his refusal to cooperate with a sexual assault investigation.

Nike and Neymar split in 2020, although no reason was given at the time. On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal said the relationship ended after Neymar allegedly sexually assaulted a Nike employee in 2016. After the complaint was filed, Neymar reportedly denied the allegations and refused to cooperate with the investigation.

“I didn’t have a chance to defend myself,” Neymar wrote on Instagram via ESPN. “I’ve never had a relationship or approach [my accuser]. I didn’t even get a chance to speak to her and know the real reasons for her pain. This person, an employee, was not protected. I, a sponsored athlete, was not protected. “

Neymar accused of sexually assaulting a Nike employee

The sexual assault in question occurred in 2016 and is a different accusation than that made against him by a Brazilian model in 2019.

The Nike employee filed a complaint in 2018. Neymar reportedly denied the allegations and allegedly refused to cooperate with the investigation.

“Nike ended their relationship too [Neymar] for refusing to cooperate in a bona fide investigation into a credible allegation of employee misconduct, ”Hilary Krane, Nike general counsel, told the Journal. “[Nike didn’t discuss the matter publicly before because] There wasn’t a single fact that would enable us to talk about it in substance. It would be inappropriate for Nike to make an accusatory statement without being able to provide supporting facts. “

Neymar, who had been with Nike since he was 13, ended up with Puma. He still wears Nike gear as PSG and the Brazilian national team both have Nike jerseys and other partnerships.

The Nike employee said she was helping coordinate with Neymar’s team for a Jordan brand event when the attack took place.

From the diary:

After midnight, in the early hours of June 2, the hotel staff asked the woman, along with another Nike employee, Neymar, who appeared to be drunk, to help into his room in the hotel, the woman told friends and Nike colleagues about this Evening and then with days. She told these people that when she was briefly alone in the room with Neymar, he took off his underwear and tried to force them to have oral sex. She said Neymar tried to prevent her from leaving the room and then chased her down the hotel corridor while he was still undressed.

The employee shared the incident with several friends, family members and Nike employees that evening and in the days and weeks that followed.

Neymar said on Instagram that he doesn’t know who the employee is.

“I really don’t see how a legitimate company can skew a business relationship that is backed by documents,” he said of ESPN. “Written words cannot be changed. They are very clear.”

“Once again I am warned that I cannot comment publicly. Against my own will I will obey. Ironically, I will continue to put a mark on my chest that betrayed me. This is life for you!”

“I stand firm and strong and believe that time, always this cruel time, will bring the real answers.”

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