NJ man Scott Kologi sentenced to 150 years for killing four family members


A New Jersey man who shot dead four family members with a semi-automatic rifle in a New Year’s Eve massacre was sentenced Thursday to 150 years in prison.

Scott Kologi, 20, was sentenced after being convicted of four counts of first-degree murder, among other charges, according to the Monmouth County Attorney’s Office earlier this year.

On December 31, 2017, less than an hour before the New Year, Kologi, then 16, shot and killed his mother, father, sister and a companion of his grandfather, believed to be his grandmother, according to a local report.

He pulled the trigger 14 times and struck Linda Kologi, 44, Steven Kologi, 42, Brittany Kologi, 18, and Mary Schulz, 70, at Kologi’s Long Branch House, Monmouth County prosecutors said.

“These were evil acts committed by someone who knew exactly what they were doing,” Monmouth County Assistant Attorney Sean Brennan said during the hearing, according to a bureau news release issued Thursday. “He killed her because he could. He killed her because he wanted to.”

Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Marc LeMieux said the quadruple murders caused “immeasurable damage.” Kologi will only be paroled after serving 127 years and six months of his sentence.

Scott shot and killed his mother, father, sister, and one of his grandfather’s companions, believed to be his grandmother.

“The intention of this court is that this defendant never again sees the light of the outside of a prison cell,” LeMieux said during the hearing, according to Asbury Park Press. “I hope one day you will realize how great is what you have done here.”

On the night of the slaughter, Kologi called his mother into his room, where he turned off the light, and shot her dead. He then shot his father, who rushed over to see what had happened.

After killing his parents, he “casually” murdered his sister, who was home from her freshman semester of college, and Schulz, Brennan said.

Scott Kologi and Steven Kologi at a pumpkin patch.
Scott killed his mother after calling her to his room and killed his father after rushing after her before murdering his sister and grandmother.
Mary Ann Schulz, Scott Kologi, Adrian Kologi on Scott's senior day in eighth grade.
Scott’s attorney argued his client was mentally ill and only wanted 30 years for him.

Kologi wore earplugs to protect himself from the sound of the high-powered weapon and even investigated whether that weapon would be effective against police officers if they responded with bulletproof vests before carrying out the sick plan, prosecutors said.

Kologi’s brother and grandfather, who were also at home, were able to escape from the house.

“Even though they survived physically,” Brennan said, “they will still have to deal with the emotional scars of what they saw.”

A defense attorney for Kologi, Richard Lomurro, argued his client was mentally ill and only wanted 30 years for him. The trial focused on whether he was insane when he carried out the gruesome attack, the Asbury Park Press reported.

“The bottom line is that Scott is not a cold-blooded killer,” Lomurro said, according to Asbury Park Press. “Scott is and has been seriously mentally ill. But he’s being sent to state prison to be with cold-blooded killers.”

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