Oguchi Onyewu apologizes for comment to Janelly Farias


Former USMNT player Oguchi Onyewu apologized to Mexico national team defender Janelly Farias on Sunday after threatening to suffocate Farias during the broadcast of CBS Sports’ USMNT v Mexico game.

Onyewu and Farias went back and forth at the beginning of the show, which resulted in Onyewu saying, “I will come over this desk and suffocate yourself. “Onyewu seemed to be joking, but it was an extremely bad sentence.

Onyewu seemed to realize this and later apologized during the broadcast.

Here is Onyewu’s complete apology:

“Back in the show, you know, during all of our banter, I sure got carried away. And I said something stupid that should never have come out of my mouth. And I am deeply sorry and I apologize to you and hope that you can forgive, don’t hold it against me. So I really wanted to sincerely apologize for what I said. “

Farias took Onyewu’s apology with a punch and said, “I think the fact that you can say this on national television speaks volumes of you.”

Onyewu and Farias appeared on the show to comment on the USMNT’s victory over Mexico in the CONCACAF Nations League final. The game was controversial as beer cans were thrown and homophobic chants were uttered by fans.

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