Ontario Premier Doug Ford swallows bee during press conference: video


That’s one way to get a politician to stop talking.

A bee flew straight into the mouth of Ontario Premier Doug Ford as he spoke at a news conference about health care privatization.

The bug can be seen flying around Ford’s face before diving right into his kisser, prompting him to suddenly step away from the mic and reach into his mouth to try to get the bug out, video shows show.

“Holy God, I just swallowed a bee!” Ford, 57, can be heard saying.

He drinks from a water bottle before quipping that the clip of the incident would get a lot of attention, as the video shows.

“This is played over and over again,” Ford said.

Trying to shrug off his intimate moment with the insect, Ford later laughed, “Man, he went right through the hatch.”

Ontario Premiere Doug Ford was speaking at a press conference when a bee flew right into his mouth.

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