PSG fans attack Shakira ahead of the matchup in Barcelona


Shakira was all the rage this weekend on social media – which isn’t too surprising given her status as a global pop star.

The reason for this, however, was that a group of Paris Saint-Germain fans unveiled a misogynistic banner aimed at them ahead of their Champions League match against Barcelona earlier this week.

And of course the fans weren’t happy.

Shakira fans rushed to Twitter with #RespectShakira to defend her after a banner popped up in Paris on Sunday describing her as a prostitute. (Europa Press Entertainment / Europa Press / Getty Images)

Fans are rushing to defend Shakira on social media

Shakira is, of course, a Barcelona fan – largely thanks to her longtime partner and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique.

Pique is still struggling with a knee injury and will be out of the Champions League leg on Wednesday.

However, a group of PSG fans still came to Paris for Shakira on Sunday night.

Fans lit torches and held up several banners across the French capital – including one that Shakira essentially referred to as a prostitute.

“Shakira a la Jonquera” refers to the town of La Jonquera, which lies on the border between Catalonia and France and is partly known for its brothels.

The banner is also nothing new. Similar attacks have been made against Shakira in the football world for years.

On Sunday, however, fans quickly rushed to Shakira’s defense on the Internet – which is why the hashtag #RespectShakira was trendy.

Dozens also responded to a tweet from PSG’s official report celebrating International Women’s Day.

Barcelona and PSG will meet in the second leg of the round of 16 on Wednesday. PSG lead 4-1 after a dominant performance in Barcelona last month.

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