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Scientists have reached out to the public to help with their latest cancer research in the form of an online citizen science game.

AcCELLerate asks users to trace the outlines of a series of fluorescent colored tongue images that are becoming increasingly complex by using their computer mouse or their finger on a smartphone.

It was designed to train a computer algorithm to detect oral cancer in medical images and improve its ability to differentiate between healthy and cancerous cells.

“I am very excited that the public will contribute to my work on oral cancer,” said Dr. Priyanka Bhosale from the Center for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at King’s College London.

“The results of the AI ​​public training will help me assess tumor tissue samples faster and more reliably.”

It is hoped that the tool can be used to advance research into other cancers.

The game is part of the Royal Society Summer Science 2021 event and can be found at

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