Ray Buffer pleads guilty to taped comic book heist


Actor Ray Buffer admitted in court Thursday that he stole comics from a San Diego company that taped the brazen theft and then shamed it via social media.

Buffer’s case ended months after Southern California Comics released footage showing him hiding comics under his shirt before driving out.

The actor has had supporting roles on numerous hit shows throughout his career, including Curb Your Enthusiasm and CSI: Miami.

He pleaded guilty to a petty theft charge in San Diego Superior Court for stealing $854 worth of comics on Oct. 4, 2022, a spokesman for the San Diego Attorney’s Office told The Post on Thursday.

Buffer, 55, must pay back the stolen value to Southern California Comics and stay away from the store, the city’s attorney’s office said.

He was sentenced to one day in prison, where he will report to jail and be released and serve a year’s probation.

He also has to do 12 hours of community service and take an anti-theft course.

Southern California Comics owner Jamie Newbold told the Post he was glad to see the case behind him.

Buffer pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing $854 worth of comics from Southern California Comics on Oct. 4.
Southern California Comics/Facebook

“This man stressed me, stressed my co-workers, we stayed stressed,” Newbold said. “Anxious when I look at customers differently and wonder who would hurt us next and now that stress is off my shoulders because at least we’ve had one victory and know we can find justice even if we do it ourselves have to do.”

The company shared images of an unidentified man on social media in October to warn comic book stores of the possible thief. Other companies then claimed the man was Buffer, Newbold said at the time.

The actor has appeared in supporting roles in hit TV shows.
The actor has appeared in supporting roles in hit TV shows.

He was charged months after the October 4 incident.

Buffer’s Instagram account posted a caption Thursday night that read, “Minding business in San Diego,” with three professional photos of him in a collage.

According to his IMDb page, he has had additional supporting roles in individual episodes of Gilmore Girls, Cold Case and ER.

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