Reddit user asks if taking a dog to the gym is wrong


A reported 22-year-old man on Reddit is asking if it’s wrong to take his dog to his members-only gym.

Anonymous Reddit user GymAITADogThrow1 on Monday, May 22 consulted the “Am I the A—–e” subreddit, an online forum for voting on whether a person is the offender in a civil dispute where he explained that he brings his six-month-old pup to the gym because he has separation anxiety.

GymAITADogThrow1 wrote that a few weeks ago he decided to bring his pup named Iron to his “larger public gym” because he didn’t see a policy prohibiting dogs.

“I showed up with Iron as the receptionist saw [him] and didn’t say anything,” GymAITADogThrow1 wrote in its post.

He continued, “The gym staff sees him all the time and I’ve even had positive feedback since I’ve brought him.”

GymAITADogThrow1 wrote that Iron has gotten to a point where he can “rely on voice commands” outside of the gym, but he needs to be kept on a leash and kept close by to ensure he doesn’t interrupt anyone’s workout.

“I brought Iron with me almost every day and his behavior has improved,” recalls GymAITADogThrow1. “He just sat there while I trained. It was something special for me to be able to train with my puppy.”

According to the post, Iron escaped GymAITADogThrow1 two weeks ago and interrupted a stranger’s workout.

“He was p–. I quickly apologized and kept him close,” GymAITADogThrow1. “Another random stranger comes up to me and tells me to leave my friggin’ dog at home and dogs don’t belong in gyms.”

Anonymous Reddit user GymAITADogThrow1 (not pictured) consulted the “Am I the A-–e” subreddit, where he explained that he takes his six-month-old pup to the gym because he has separation anxiety.
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“I’m getting defensive, but staying calm. I tell him to find a new gym if he has a problem because most of the people here want my dog ​​to come along,” he continued.

GymAITADogThrow1 wrote based on the reported positive feedback he had received from the gym staff and most of his fellow athletes that he believed his dog was welcome, but he is now asking himself questions because he has received “mixed reactions” from friends.

GymAITADogThrow1 did not disclose in their post or comment replies whether Iron’s interruption posed a threat to the gym member.

Fox News Digital has reached out to GymAITADogThrow1 for comment.

Reddit users overwhelmingly agreed that GymAITADogThrow1 was wrong to take his pup to the gym.

“There is no set dog policy because the vast majority of people are smart enough not to bring their pets to the gym,” wrote the post’s top commenter, which received more than 15,400 upvotes.

Reddit users overwhelmingly agreed that GymAITADogThrow1 was wrong to take his pup to the gym.
Reddit users overwhelmingly agreed that GymAITADogThrow1 was at fault for taking his pup (not pictured) to the gym.

“They probably don’t have a policy not to fill the freeweight section with jelly, but the OP here would say that as ‘there’s no policy against it, so I think it’s cool that I do that too,'” replied one Reddit user, which received over 5,700 upvotes.

“Plus, it’s dangerous as hell, both for the dog and for other gym-goers,” commented another Reddit user, who received over 2,400 upvotes.

“Well behaved or not, a free-roaming dog is 100% unacceptable,” wrote another user.

“Not to mention what happens when Iron bites someone,” pointed out another commenter. “Spend more time with your dog and learn to manage the puppy’s separation anxiety and socialize him in an appropriate environment.”

Several Reddit users mentioned that pet owners who bring untrained animals into spaces not designed for pets have brought unnecessary hardship, such as skepticism and discrimination, to service animal owners.

“I have a service dog, and while it’s allowed, I don’t take him to the gym or gym [physical therapy]because the machines and the people who work with them, weights, rubber bands, balance balls, etc. could pose a hazard to him,” wrote one Reddit user. “He really doesn’t know what to look for.”

A Reddit user asked GymAITADogThrow1 to imagine the “chaos” that could ensue “if everyone who has a dog had the right to bring their dog to the gym,” to which GymAITADogThrow1 replied, “Sounds great.” [to be honest].”

Most Reddit users wrote that they were shocked that GymAITADogThrow1’s gym allowed him entry with a non-duty animal.

Some commenters theorized that the gym staff might be “too scared of a confrontation to speak up.”

Others wrote that it was up to management to provide a “firm answer,” although most also disagreed with GymAITADogThrow1.

“It’s difficult to make a call without knowing the actual rules,” wrote one Reddit user.

While Reddit users disagree with the presence of dogs in gyms designed for humans, according to photos and videos shared on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, there appears to be a growing number of dog owners who bring canine companions to gyms and gyms.

Viral posts on both platforms showed dogs running around gyms or sitting still — sometimes on leash and sometimes off.

Some videos show dog owners exercising their dogs, whether it’s using a chest-attached puppy carrier or lifting an adult dog.

Dogs are not only taken to the gym. Pet owners also bring their dogs into restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, malls and the workplace, which has sparked debate in recent years, as has the question of whether pets should be allowed on public transport without cages.

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