Roma hires Jose Mourinho as their next manager


Jose Mourinho did not stay unemployed for long. Two weeks after being fired by Tottenham, Mourinho was hired by Roma.

The team announced the move on Tuesday. Mourinho signed a three-year deal with the club. At Roma, Mourinho will lead 19-year-old US international Bryan Reynolds, who moved from FC Dallas to the Italian capital in the previous transfer window.

In a statement, Mourinho credited Roma fans for inspiring him to take the job.

“After meeting the owner and Tiago Pinto, I immediately understood the full extent of their ambitions for AS Roma. It is the same ambition and drive that has always motivated me, and together we want to build a successful project in the years to come.

“The incredible passion of the Roma fans convinced me to take the job and I can’t wait to start next season.”

Does Jose Mourinho still have what it takes to win?

Mourinho joins the club after 17 months with Tottenham. Mourinho initially signed a four-year deal with Tottenham but failed two years before his sacking. The team remained below average under Mourinho, who eventually also lost his players. In the clubs he has taken over, this has become a predictable trend.

Before joining Tottenham, Mourinho was one of the most successful managers in history. Roma mentioned Mourinho’s long track record in their statement on Tuesday.

Mourinho is one of only three managers to date to have won the UEFA Champions League with two different clubs, an achievement he has repeated in the UEFA Europa League.

He is a three-time Premier League winner (with Chelsea in 2005, 2006 and 2015) and has won top titles in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Whether Mourinho can return to that level remains to be seen. It will be up to Mourinho to prove that his time at Tottenham was an aberration and that he hasn’t lost his touch.

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