Running Biden vs. Governing Biden (Pick One)


United States President Joe Biden speaks to the media at the White House before joining Marine One on the South Lawn in Washington, DC on February 27, 2021. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images)

Joe Biden and the Democrats were elected. When do you plan to rule?

Everyone should calm down once Uncle Joe took office. Good old Joe. CNN got it and it’s running items about how Joe Mario plays kart with the grandchildren, has a nice wood fire without a dumpster in the oval office and goes to bed early. Politico ran a hard blow piece about how “the first couple’s romantic gestures aren’t just real – they’re restful.” Many well-known people are in the cabinet and at the middle level. It’s 2016 again. Sure, happy 2016. But better now that we have Kamala too – do you remember her, the first this and that, before she fell for the Vice President?

It is nice. But the ruling part is off to a sluggish start. Congress was busy, albeit with another failed impeachment trial (Russiagate / Mueller, let’s call it Impeachment in the Dark III) of a man who is no longer even president and has a 9/11 style Commission apparently to follow. At his Senate hearing, the attorney general candidate was persuaded to agree to an additional investigation. “Hold Trump accountable,” people say. Well, he lost the election, that’s pretty accountable. As a topper, hearings are planned for the Postmaster In general, why maybe some mail-in ballots that didn’t matter because Biden had won anyway might have been accidentally delayed five months ago.

Trump nostalgia? No, the fear of keeping alive seems to be the driving force. For the first time in history, the Capitol has a non-scalable fence separating it from the citizens barbed Cable will remain in place “while the authorities work to track down threats”. The National Guard is nearpermanent Assignment (previous costs $480 Million) on the hill for no apparent reason. Political theater, re-election stunts. A waste of time when the clock is running so hard against us.

Because if we accept the Democratic campaign premise that Trump almost destroyed America, then this is a time of great urgency, life or death. Things need to be fixed. But not that you know how Biden and his Democratic Congress run the partisan table while the real problems are like a grandma’s in a Cuomo nursing home.

Let’s see what the Democrats, who have full control of Congress, are really up to. You haven’t been in such a position of power since 2008. First Obama. Your solution to repair America? Exterminate the opposition before halfway through 2022.

Start with a jumble of politically motivated executive orders that will annul Trump. No more Muslim ban! Yes, except that because of COVID nobody can travel anyway. Except, of course, everyone at the Mexican border with hazy asylum applications, which Biden quickly pursues to America. Business travel from Europe, hmmm, dangerous, but anyone living in a tent outside of El Paso Bienvenido.

No wonder, then, that the first major piece of legislation the Democratic Congress should take up is one amnesty Transforming the 11 million illegal immigrants who have rallied in the US since the last time amnesty in eight years (that is, in the next presidential election) into 11 million new Democrats, um, citizens). The bill includes $ 4 billion to promote economic development in Latin American countries that do not live in the unemployed United States. Viva!

The house wants to go elsewhere Making amends for slavery because that will fix it all on TV. The military and women’s sports were replenished with trans people. In another groundbreaking executive order, Biden withdraw Trump’s E.O. Creation of an industry-paid training program to be replaced by a federal government-paid training program that the Unions Dems must be re-elected. President Biden has shown real concern about Texas, which has been hit by natural disasters, by ignoring it like it was Puerto Rico or something.

The real problem, however, is finding a way to eradicate trillions of dollars in student loan debt without thinking about the wider economic consequences of such a decision and without reforming the way higher education will be funded in the future. Since issuing a free temporary debt relief is a prime duty of the government, the day everyone pretended to be sick to go to the KISS concert became a clause or change they talked about in the citizenship course. The Dems haven’t gone this far (yet) to nominate Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s body back to the bank, but keep an eye on the news.

What about America’s real problems? Things like the availability of COVID vaccines, the economic and social impact of lockdowns (San Francisco kids commit Suicide at an alarming rate; in the new York also, but at least they are not in cages), unemployment (Millions of people are forbidden earning a living from the government), maybe the crumbling infrastructure. Or lockdown-driven drug Overdoses, with 3x deaths from COVID in San Francisco. Not school Openings because the Dems owe teachers unions a lot of time to vote. Biden is deep in the depths: 20 percent of COVID deaths in America are over 100,000 Souls, has occurred since his inauguration.

The solution so far? Most of Biden’s suggested pork $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Has Little To Do With Public Health; Only 1 percent is allocated to the vaccine. But here is $ 1,400, so beat yourself up and buy stocks in Gamestop.

Do you remember foreign policy? Joe recently said, “Diplomacy is back,” all right then well. Iran still have to take care of and says We’re moving too slowly. Russia has to do something. The word is China is a great dealio. Something? Bueller? All we have achieved so far is the non-decision not to pursue Trump’s troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and elsewhere on the failed path of the global war of terror. We have Susan Rice’s next great idea to look forward to. One hears that Libya must be liberated again.

Everyone knows that it is possible to run and chew gum at the same time. The problem is, the Dems chose to only do one, not try both.

On the other hand, think about how this could work out in the medium term. Obama made the mistake of actually trying to turn his electoral dynamism and control of Congress into historic healthcare reform. In the end, he lost his majority and produced a new half-baked health system to expand on the old half-baked system while creating a political football that everyone can keep playing with.

Not so with the Biden Democratic Party. Their goal is to pay out votes and find ways to make January 6th, 2022 the top result problem for voters. This is what running looks like, not governing.

“For four years now, everything that has been on the news has been Trump. For the next four years, I want to make sure that all the news is the American people,” said Biden said during a campaign appearance in a tongue bath at CNN City Hall, albeit not a candidate a month after serving as president. But while Biden tries to label Trump as “the former man” or “the previous administration,” the attention Trump receives from Congress and the media, along with Biden’s lack of action, keeps the entire machine in campaign mode. That always requires a bad guy, and that’s Trump. Dems want to compete against Trump, whether he is ever a candidate again or not.

America needs more than that, Joe even told us so. Do you remember during the campaign when Joe promised, “crushThe virus on the day he took office? We are quarantined until our skin becomes translucent due to a lack of sunlight. Our national symbol is Karen, who tells people to wear yellow hazmat suits for Safeway or they have their child’s blood on their hands.

An America with closed schools, unemployed people due to government regulations, gasping labor economy, low self-confidence, an America where no one believes anything is true and the President only plays Mario Kart Paying political debts? Joe, you’ve been in office for six weeks and you’ve completed half of that important first 100 days.

Like half of the country I didn’t vote for Biden, but like all of the country I live in here. Unlike some Democrats who, for example, realized that lockdowns were a useful tool in the destruction of the economy that led to Trump’s re-election, I don’t want to see any more suffering for the partisan gain. If a Democrat can solve some of our problems instead of saying with his dying breath, “But it was Trump’s fault!” I’m celebrating this. We’re bleeding out here, Joe.

Peter Van Buren is the author of We meant well: How I helped lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, Hoopers War: A World War II novel in Japan, and Ghosts of Tom Joad: A 99 percent story.

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