Russia is trying to align 2028, 2032 euros amid Ukraine war


After being banned from all international competitions during its invasion of Ukraine, Russia is preparing bids to host either the 2028 or 2032 European Championships.

The Executive Committee of the Football Union of Russia said on Wednesday that it would “support the decision to express an interest in hosting the tournaments in 2028 or 2032,” according to The Associated Press. The RFU has yet to submit any bids to UEFA, but UEFA said on Wednesday that both Russia and Turkey have expressed interest in hosting them officially before the deadline.

All Russian teams have been banned from international competitions, although there is no rule prohibiting the organization from bidding to host future tournaments.

“The Presidium of the FIFA Council and the UEFA Executive Committee decided on February 28 to suspend all Russian teams, whether national teams or club teams, from participating in FIFA and UEFA competitions until further notice. However, no suspension of Football Union Russia was imposed at the time,” UEFA said in a statement on ESPN.

“The UEFA Executive Committee will nonetheless remain on standby to convene further extraordinary meetings, regularly if necessary… to re-evaluate the legal and factual situation and take further decisions if necessary, also in the light of the declared declaration of interest by the Football Union of Russia for the organisation of the UEFA EURO.”

Will any of the Russian offers succeed?

As of this writing, it looks like it will be difficult for Russia to successfully land both offers.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is nearing the one-month mark, and the sports world has issued widespread condemnation and sanctions since the Russians first began fighting.

Both FIFA and UEFA have banned the Russian national team from international competitions, including the World Cup later this year. UEFA also moved the Champions League final from Russia, and Electronic Arts pulled all Russian teams from the FIFA video game.

FIFA has also postponed the semi-final match of Ukraine’s World Cup playoffs following the invasion of Russia, as reports say the entire Ukraine national team is still in the country and unable to train – as the Ukraine government has required all men between the ages of 18 and 60 to stay and help.

The United Kingdom and Ireland have officially bid to host the 2028 tournament. Italy is also taking part in the 2032 event.

UEFA will not decide on the next European Championship until September 2023, and a lot can change by then. However, given the fierce backlash Russia is facing across Europe, it seems unlikely that there will be much support for the tournament in Russia any time soon.

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