RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR Breaking News Warning from Zelenskiy that Worries the World


RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR Breaking News Warning from Zelenskiy that Worries the World

President Zelenskiy of Ukraine,
For Russia, attacking Ukraine is just the beginning,
He noted that Russia would like to seize other countries later.

2 In the Russian-Ukrainian war. while entering the moon, the President of Ukraine Volodimir Zelenskyy assessed the situation after the war.

In his video message, Zelenskiy said: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was envisaged as just the beginning.
Then they want to take over other countries.
Naturally, we will defend ourselves as much as necessary in order to break this ambition of Russia.” said.

Zelenskiy also appealed to neutral countries that do not react to the war and do not help Ukraine, saying,
he said that this is very risky, such countries could lose everything.
Zelenskiy, who believes in the victory of life over death, argues that all peoples should fight Ukraine,
“You must help us, because we were the first on this path.” he used the expression.

Zelenskiy also noted that Ukraine’s partners have handed over to them the weapons they want, saying,
he thanked these countries. Jul Zelenskiy stressed that his country’s first task is to provide the army with the necessary weapons,
“And I am grateful to all our partners who finally listened to us, gave us exactly what we wanted. Because with these weapons, thousands
we know for sure that we can save a person’s life. The invaders will have to leave Ukraine
we can show that the day is approaching.”he spoke in the form of.Zelenskiy also,
He called on Ukrainians who are in the territory controlled by the Russian army to resist the Russian forces.


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