Sergio Reguilon’s own goal is an all-timer (video)


We feel bad for Sergio Reguilón. But his own goal against Aston Villa on Wednesday was epic. (Photo by Paul Childs / PA Images via Getty Images)

There are own goals and then own Golazos.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Sergio Reguilón entered the latter pantheon on Wednesday by epic misplaying a ball into the penalty area, producing this gem:

You have to feel for Reguilón. Yes, he’s a defender, but he’s getting this moment so drastically wrong in the spotlight, how skilled and coordinated soccer players really are. It’s an awkward ball from Aston Villas Marvelous Nakamba (that’s his real name and it’s great), and that’s why he forced an uncomfortable shuffle of feet on Reguilón.

Even so, it’s something he expects to handle 10 out of 10 times and not dig into his own net like trying to score on his own team.

It can happen to the best defenders in the Premier League. Just ask Manchester City legend Vincent KompanyAnd at least Reguilón’s own goal lacked the flair of Tony Popovic’s Scorpio-Kick own goal for Crystal Palace against Portsmouth in 2004.

So there it is. There hasn’t been much more to Spurs lately than losing 2-1 to Villa as of this writing and being embroiled in more of the Harry Kane exit drama. But if you can’t laugh good-naturedly at Reguilón’s misfortune, when can you?

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