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Billionaire businessman Sir James Dyson has once again criticized the Prime Minister, claiming his promise to transform the UK into a science and technology superpower is “mere political slogan”.

The founder and chief engineer of multinational technology company Dyson also complained in a letter to the Times that he still hasn’t met Rishi Sunakdespite being a major entrepreneur in the UK.

“Ministers rave about Britain becoming a ‘science and technology superpower’ but their pathetic policies reduce this to a mere political slogan,” he wrote.

“In the UK, Dyson is now faced with a skyrocketing corporate tax (removing all R&D tax credits)… and a crippling shortage of qualified engineers.”

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Jeremy Hunt plans to make Britain a ‘science superpower’
Rishi Sunak promises to make Britain a ‘science superpower’

Mr Sunak’s goal of making the UK a post-Brexit scientific superpower was central to his office as Prime Minister. An important part of this was the creation of a new Science, Innovation and Technology Department.

In January, Sir James accused the government of a “short-sighted” approach to business and warned the Prime Minister against it Growth should not be viewed as a dirty word.

A government spokesman said Britain was open to business as an “innovation nation”.

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Can the UK become a ‘science superpower’?

“We have the largest technology sector in Europe, which will reach a combined market value of £1 trillion in 2022, we have the lowest corporate tax rate in the G7 and we have world-leading strengths in science and research and development – backed by our research and… £20 billion worth of development.” Targeting and putting in place policies like full cost reimbursement,” they said.

“This will lead to stronger growth, better jobs and bold new discoveries, bringing tomorrow’s key technologies such as quantum and AI together for the first time in a dedicated science, innovation and technology department.”

While Jeremy Hunt’s fall householdThe UK’s science and technology sector survived a much-feared spending cut – but experts warned the government must do more to realize the UK’s potential as a ‘science superpower’.

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