Sir Paul McCartney: Digitally “depraved” Beatles star has torn off appearance in new music video for years | years Ents & Arts News


Sir Paul McCartney received the anti-aging treatment in the video for his new track Find My Way.

The Beatles icon, 79, has fallen away from appearing in the clip in which he is dancing down a hotel corridor for decades.

The video too Maccas new single with Beck was co-produced by Hyperreal Digital, which creates “hyper-realistic” digital avatars – similar to the technology used in making deep fakes.

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“The technology to de-age talent and make them perform in creative environments like this is now fully realized, even with one of the most iconic faces in the world,” said Remington Scott, CEO of Hyperreal.

In a chic shirt and tie, a younger-looking Sir Paul struts energetically through the inconspicuous corridor, supported by dancers and various scenarios and scenes.

At the end of the video, however, track collaborator Beck appears to be behind a mask from the Wings frontman – suggesting that he could have danced instead of Sir Paul.

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De-aging technology is growing in popularity, with a high-profile use by Mark Hamill digitally enhanced to make him look like young Luke Skywalker in the season two finale of The Mandalorian.

Marvel was a proponent of technology, with Samuel L Jackson aged in Captain Marvel to reinvent his character Nick Fury in 1995, while Chris Evans aged for his final appearance as Captain America in the dying minutes of Avengers: Endgame.

Michael Douglas also takes on a more youthful look in Ant Man And The Wasp, where he has aged 30 years.

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