Sorrow as an Oxford student fatally falls off a cliff in England


A popular Oxford University student died after falling off a cliff after a night of buddies in Margate, Kent, England.

This emerges from an investigation last week into the shocking death of 21-year-old Simone Norowzian last summer.

The Oxford student was staying with friends in Margate when the drunk boy climbed over a railing and fell off the cliff.

A friend present at the time recalled hearing a “short, sharp scream” just before the Oxford student, who was studying English and classics before her life was shortened, fell off the cliff.

At around 3:40 a.m. on August 28, rescue workers were brought to the coastal town, but Simone was tragically pronounced dead at the scene after a serious head injury.

CLIFF HORROR: The 21 year old Oxford student accidentally dies walking off the cliff at night with friends who heard a “short, sharp scream”.

After the Oxford student’s tragic fall from the cliff, her family members are calling for greater security measures to “prevent such a tragedy from happening again”.

They believe poor young Simone’s death could have been prevented.

The latest investigation shows that the Oxford student who fell off the cliff traveled to Kent during a UK national holiday last August.

The Daily Mail reports that Simone went to eat and drink at a local pub prior to the tragic accident before returning to Airbnb in Wetherspoon, where she was staying.

The English and Classical student was heading for a cigarette by the sea in the early hours of the morning when the incident occurred near Margate Lido.

The 21-year-old Oxford University student fell to her death after accidentally walking off a cliff after a night out with friends who heard a “short, sharp scream”

William Hayman, a friend of the Oxford student, remembered warning her of the danger just before she fell off the cliff.

But she was about 30 feet in front of him. And so he couldn’t save her from her untimely death.

After the Oxford student died from falling off the cliff, an autopsy showed how drunk she was. Her blood alcohol level was more than twice the safe driving limit.

“We decided to go to bed and Simone wanted a cigarette,” Hayman said in a statement, according to Metro. “She and I went into the parking lot and I realized she was very drunk.”

“She was about 10 meters in front of me and was walking towards the fence where the binoculars were.”

The 21-year-old Oxford student dies after accidentally walking off a cliff at night

“The first thing I did was repeat Simone’s name,” Hayman said of what he did after the Oxford student fell off the cliff.

“I stopped a car and asked him to call an ambulance. After the ambulance arrived I went to the lido to try to see Simone, but it was too dark. “

Insisting that the Oxford student who fell off the cliff was not suicidal, Hayman said, “I know she would not have crossed on purpose.”

During the investigation, the young woman, who fell to her death with an allusion to Ophelia’s youthful death, was recalled by her sister Claire Norowzian as a follower of the dramatic arts, reports Der Spiegel.

She added: “Simone entered her last year at Oxford. She was an avid actress and had her whole life ahead of her. She couldn’t assess the danger clearly. She thought she was climbing over the barrier to a hill to the beach.

The 21-year-old Oxford student died after accidentally walking off a cliff with friends that night

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