Southwest Airlines bans passengers who knocked out the flight attendant’s teeth


The southwest passenger, who was seen in a viral video beating a flight attendant – and cracking two of her teeth – is permanently banned from the airline.

The altercation occurred on Sunday when the unnamed worker turned to 28-year-old Vyvianna Quinonez and her family for failing to wear masks after landing in Sacramento in San Diego.

According to USA Today, representatives from the Southwest announced that Quinonez would be banned from the airline in a memo to flight attendants.

“As we have previously stated, we have a procedure to permanently prevent passengers from traveling to the Southwest. Please note that the passenger involved in the most recent incident has been advised that they may no longer be with us Southwest Airlines flies, “said Sonya Lacore, according to the newspaper, Southwest, vice president of flight operations, wrote in the memo.

Quinonez is also facing a criminal battery charge that is causing serious bodily harm in connection with the incident, San Diego Port Police said.

“According to witnesses, there was an argument between a passenger and a flight attendant during the flight. During the dispute, the passenger hit the flight attendant and caused serious injuries, ”the agency said in a press release on Tuesday.

However, one passenger who taped the fight said the flight attendant should not have escalated the confrontation or touched the suspect.

“It was so unnecessary. In the first argument, she said she would call the captain, ”passenger Michelle Manner, who sat two rows in front of them, told the local Fox 40 station.

Michelle Manner from San Diego was just two rows from a violent incident on a Southwest Airlines flight
Vyvianna Quinonez was charged with a battery that caused serious personal injury after an altercation with a Southwest Airlines employee.
Michelle Manner
Passenger fights flight attendant on southwest flight.
The flight attendant lost two teeth as a result of the incident.
Michelle Manner
Passenger fights flight attendant on southwest flight.
Quinonez is no longer allowed to fly Southwest Airlines.
Michelle Manner

Manner claims she came back instead and picked up Quinonez.

“Vyvianna had said to her three times that we could hear, ‘Get off me. Stop touching me Take your hands off me, “she told the train station.

The flight attendants union, Transport Workers Union Local 556, first announced the incident and worker injuries to USA Today.

“Last weekend, one of our flight attendants was badly attacked, resulting in facial injuries and the loss of two teeth,” said Lyn Montgomery, president of TWU Local 556, in the letter the newspaper received on Monday. “Unfortunately, this is only one of many events.”

The TSA has extended the mandatory guidelines for wearing masks on airplanes until September. These violations are punished as incidents related to compliance with masks have increased.

“We are addressing this emphatically,” said Alejandro Mayokas, Minister of Homeland Security, at a press conference on Tuesday. “We will not tolerate behavior that endangers the well-being of the public (or) the employees who bravely stand on the front lines to make travel easier for individuals who wish to reunite with family and friends.”

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