Study on the targeted exposure of healthy young people to COVID-19


A world’s first COVID-19 study will intentionally expose healthy, young volunteers to the beetle in hopes of finding out how much of the virus is needed to cause infection, scientists said.

A group of 90 participants, ages 18 to 30, will be exposed in a “controlled environment” as part of the human challenge to coronavirus, which is set to begin in the UK within a few weeks, the Guardian reported.

“These are quite unique studies that not only speed up understanding of diseases caused by infections, but can also speed the discovery of new therapies and vaccines,” Peter Openshaw, professor of experimental medicine at Imperial College London, told the point of sale.

The study was given a green light this week by the country’s ethics board for clinical trials with the aim of identifying the smallest amount of the virus needed to cause infection rather than symptoms, the Guardian said.

Participants have been carefully screened to ensure they are at low risk for health complications – and they will be quarantined after the trial at the Royal Free Hospital in London, Openshaw said.

The new coronavirus study is being examined by doctors at Imperial College London.
The new coronavirus study is being examined by doctors at Imperial College London.
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“None of us want to do this if there is any significant risk,” he said.

Participants, who will be paid £ 4,500 (approximately US $ 6,235) to conduct the study, will be monitored 24/7 for two weeks, with blood and nasal swabs taken daily.

Researchers will then be in touch with participants for at least a year to monitor any long-term symptoms or effects of the virus.

During the study, scientists will use a medical version of the COVID-19 virus that spread across the UK last summer, as opposed to the newer UK strain that emerged in November.

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