Suspected Florida gunman leaves as clerk points gun


A man, who casually carried a shotgun and claimed to be from Chicago, walked into a Florida grocery store during an attempted robbery but walked out when a clerk displayed his own gun, authorities said.

Rakim Stephen Tate, 32, made a bad decision that “turned into a worse decision” when he walked into a grocery store Sept. 9 with a shotgun visible by his side, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

He is charged with openly carrying a prohibited weapon and attempted robbery with a firearm.

Tate walked through the store for a few seconds before a clerk spoke to him out of view of a camera inside the store, according to security footage. The clerk apparently noticed Tate arming himself before entering the store and went into a back room to arm himself with his personal gun, authorities said.

“I don’t mean it, I’m just not from around here,” Tate is heard saying while holding his gun. “I’ve got a big (power) (power) weapon, but I’m not from around here, I say. I’m from Chicago, brother.”

Tate is heard asking the clerk what kind of gun he’s holding. The clerk replies before Tate slowly exits the store.

“Then he searches for words and resorts to meaningless babble about being from Chicago,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. “You seem at a loss for words when your attempt at a crime is thwarted by lawful and lawful force.”

Rakim Stephen Tate has been arrested for allegedly attempting to rob a Florida grocery store with a gun – before leaving after seeing the clerk’s own gun.
Escambia County Sheriff’s Office

Tate was arrested in Santa Rose County on September 15, authorities said, adding: “They are no longer in Chicago; You are under arrest.”

The Benelli shotgun he allegedly used was also seized, authorities said.

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