Teenager charged with the death of a Vietnam veterinarian was paroled for car theft in 2020


One of the two suspects charged with killing a Vietnam veteran in an attempted car theft in Chicago last week was on parole at the time for a 2020 vehicle theft, a report said.

Frank Harris, 18) and Dushawn Williams, 17, were charged with murdering Keith Cooper, 7, in a shopping mall in Hyde Park on Wednesday night, Fox reported 32.

Only last May, Harris was sentenced to two years probation for a car theft last September, the prosecution told the report on Saturday.

Williams, meanwhile, had issued an arrest warrant against him for allegedly driving a stolen car, prosecutors said.

The duo allegedly stole Cooper’s car keys and beat him, but prosecutors said they were unable to gain access to the former Marine’s car.

Harris is accused of hitting the older victim on the head before Williams allegedly poked the man.

Cooper was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center and pronounced dead.

Harris is also facing charges of attempted heavy battery charge, and Williams is also facing a heavy battery charge in connection with Cooper’s death.

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