Texas football coach accused of making out with students and asking players for bail


A women’s soccer coach at the University of Texas Permian Basin has been suspended after a group of players wrote an anonymous letter to the school and the NCAA alleging she had been making out with students and asking her players to release her after her arrest to get jail for a DUI.

The trainer, 28-year-old Carla Tejas, was arrested on September 11 for drunk driving following a traffic stop where officials said she spoke slurred and was unsteady on her feet while conducting sobriety tests, KMID reported.

After her arrest, members of the football team sent a letter to the university, the NCAA, and Lone Star conference officials containing several allegations about Tejas. The student said she was concerned the school would “sweep her arrest under the rug.”

Players allege that 28-year-old Tejas made out with members of the men’s soccer team and administered alcohol to minors.
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Carla Tejas, the University of Texas Permian Basin women's soccer head coach in the orange jersey
Tejas asked players to help her post bail after she was arrested for drunk driving, and some players did.
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The letter said the freshman head coach had multiple NCAA and school violations. Her behavior also allegedly contributed to some students having mental health issues and harming themselves.

Kayler Smith, the athletic director of KMID’s ABC Big 2 Sports, said in a series of tweets that the allegations against Tejas include kissing members of the men’s soccer team in public, providing alcohol to minors and asking players to help her pay her alcohol abuse bail – which some did.

The players also said Tejas reentered a game she was ejected from and continued coaching over a radio while wearing a disguise.

She was allowed to continue exercising after her arrest because, according to KMID, neither the university nor the NCAA have a DUI policy.

The school’s athletic director, Todd Doley told reporters at a press conference on Monday that the department is investigating allegations against Tejas, who has been placed on paid administrative leave.

“Our focus has always been and always will be the unwavering support of student athletes. Period. That will not change now or ever. So I want to be very clear about that. Our support goes out to our student athletes,” Dooley said.

Since news of Teja’s arrest and her players’ letter broke, former students who played under her at other universities have come forward and alleged other abuses.

Carla Tejas, the head coach of women's soccer at the University of Texas Permian Basin
Tejas has been placed on paid administrative leave while the university investigates the allegations.
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Carla Tejas, the University of Texas Permian Basin women's soccer head coach, is doused with water after a game.
A former player said Tejas pushed her to attempt suicide.

A student who played under Tejas at Belhaven University, where she trained for two years as a graduate student, told KMID Tejas made her consider taking her own life. Another said she tried to commit suicide.

“She tells me that everyone hates me and no one wants me on the team and that was after a few months of abuse from Carla. That was the tipping point with a lot of other things that had gone mostly from Carla and Kimberly Harrell that led to me attempting suicide that day,” said former Belhaven footballer Nolyn Murphy.

Before becoming the head coach at UTPB, she coached at Louisiana Christian Christian College.

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