The Asian-American widow receives a racist letter praising the death of her spouse


An Asian-American Californian woman received a racist letter celebrating her husband’s recent death.

The woman’s daughter, Claudia Choi, called the police on Monday to report that she feared for the safety of her 82-year-old mother after the widow received the threatening letter at her home in an Orange County retirement home, according to KTLA.

“Well that [your husband] When it’s gone, it’s less Asian to come to terms with the leisure world, ”the anonymous handwritten letter began.

The letter goes on to say that the members of the retirement home did not have a good rest with the Asian Americans living among them before warning the elderly woman to “take care” and “return to your country, which you belong”, Los Angeles Station reported.

The threatening letter, postmarked on the day of Byong Choi’s funeral, “really bothered the family,” Seal Beach police chief Nick Nicholas told the station.

“The real essence of this is that the family was scared. And when they’re scared, it hits some of the elements of criminal threats, ”Nicholas said when the department reportedly opened a hate crime investigation into the threat.

The letter to the 82-year-old Asian-American widow told her to “return to your country, where you belong.
In the letter to the 82-year-old Asian-American widow, she was asked to “return to your country, where you belong”.
Seal Beach Police Department

Choi told KTLA that her parents were married for almost 57 years and that their Korean-American father enjoyed living in Leisure World.

“He loved his neighbors, and many of them turned to me and said how much they loved him, too,” Choi said.

“So that someone is happy about his death, threatens my mother and tells us to go home – this is our home,” she told the broadcaster. “You lived here longer than anywhere else.”

In a statement, Leisure World condemned the hatred, saying it believed the suspect lived in the retirement home.

“This malicious and egregious act of hate speech threatens our core values ​​of racial and social justice,” wrote Leisure World.

Seal Beach Police Chief Philip Gonshak linked the incident to a nationwide surge in hatred against Asian Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Violence against Asian Americans and Pacific islanders is increasing across the county. We will not allow this in Seal Beach, ”he said in a statement to KTLA.

An aerial view of Seal Beach in Southern California.
An aerial view of Seal Beach in Southern California.
trekandshoot / Alamy Stock Photo

Last week, from March 19, 2020 to February 28, the Stop AAPI Hate Reporting Center reported 3,795 first-hand reports of hate incidents nationwide. 45 percent of these occurred in California.

The Asian-American community has remained nervous since a lone gunman slaughtered six Asian women during a massage parlor rampage that killed eight people in metro Atlanta last week.

The massacre was not classified as a hate crime.

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