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Establishment Republicans and Conservatism, Inc. are hot on their heels. Ignore the swamp and fight for your home.

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp waits in the East Room of the White House on February 6, 2020 for U.S. President Donald Trump to address the media. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The law of exponentiality states that small, almost imperceptible events slowly build up until a seemingly great catastrophe suddenly unfolds. It is the formation of tiny cracks over time that eventually lead to the dam bursting and wreaking unimaginable destruction.

We are now witnessing these tiny cracks with increasing speed in the political, economic, and cultural systems of the West, particularly in the United States. They are building for what was unthinkable only a short time ago: the collapse of the globalist American empire.

Of course, those who administer the empire rarely call it that, tending to use such amorphous terms as “the rules-based international order” or the “post-WWII consensus.” My favorite is “global leadership”. Regardless of what you call it, the fact remains that a series of policies and institutions have enabled the US, and previously Britain, to dictate a wide range of policies around the world. After more than 75 years, this system is collapsing, as can be seen from the international chaos alone.

I was recently invited to an event that, to me, was one of those tiny cracks in the wall of the American empire. Its existence was enlightening and strangely gave me unintended hope.

The event was billed as a gathering of wealthy donors who were appalled at the failure and dishonesty of major political fundraising organizations such as the Republican National Committee, prominent political PACs and the various Conservatism Inc. organizations. For example, consider that in 2020 the Republican National Committee spent more than $30 million maintaining a legal team to resolve election issues, but after the November election, no one was on hand to help; Money was raised and spent to support boggy law firms, mostly AWOL when needed.

This meeting was to be private, with no press, and only for people who were genuinely interested in supporting small and effective organizations outside of the reach of GOP, Inc. We were told that we would learn about such an organization. This was during Orlando CPAC week, but I was told it was not part of CPAC. When I arrived I recognized several people that I knew shared my reluctance to be part of GOP, Inc. telling stories to take your money and then spend it on the swamp. I allowed myself to be optimistic.

I was stupid. Just as the meeting was about to begin, Matt Schlapp, leader of the group that delights in conservative donors at CPAC, walked in. Schlapp is the definition of Conservatism, Inc. It provides platforms for the RNC and other established mouthpieces to spread their views. And now he was pretending to offer a real alternative. It made me incredibly sad. After Schlapp’s presentation, crammed with pep talks from a range of career staff about how we could send money to a new and better organization, I realized the whole event was a fake to cover donors who are unwilling to swamp support, persuade to give money to a swamp organization disguised as an anti-swamp organization.

The good news is that the robbers of GOP, Inc. and mainstream conservative groups believe they must now pretend they’re something new because donors are just walking away from their weary hustle. I and some others walked away more convinced that we should not finance these machinations. More and more people are realizing the futility of contributing to big GOP organizations or the fat, bloated battleships of glory of the conservative movement. They know their money is going to overheads, high salaries, lucrative consulting deals for friends, swanky offices, and precious little actual engagement with constituents or legislators.

More and more people know that a two-year “Republican Congress” has done nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigrant invasions and endless wars. You know that Republican politicians will use the term “America First” as little more than a mantra in hopes that you will follow suit. But they cannot define what it means to put America first, let alone believe in it. Today we face demands that America protect Ukraine’s borders from politicians who have done nothing to protect our own borders and our fellow citizens.

But more and more people have seen the way forward, and it doesn’t include any of the big GOP organizations that aren’t delivering on the promised results, just enriching their ranks. It does not include a “think tank” or advisory group. It doesn’t contain a single DC-based partisan organization.

What the future requires is acting locally – organizing and seeking and realizing results locally. Just as parents are already doing at school board meetings across the country, like mothers who want their daughters to have a fair chance in the sport of their choice, like the county sheriffs along the border with Mexico, like the pastors and neighborhood activists in the African-American community, like the citizens fighting destructive Soros-backed prosecutors wreaking havoc in their communities—all these and more are taking matters into their own hands. Most of these efforts have no paid staff. All are local with demands that can be met immediately if only the power structures bend. And they will bow.

When local action begins to flourish, there’s no reason to send your hard-earned cash to the big GOP, Inc. or Conservative, Inc. organizations. As someone once said: Starve the beast. The swamp asks for money and promises to drain the swamp. We all know better.

A rural state school board forced to shut down anti-American racism classes, or a group of parent activists enforcing gender sanity in girls’ sports, may not seem to be raising themselves to the level of global and international affairs, but they certainly are. As the pillars of the globalist empire erode, the entire structure is becoming more unstable every day and nearing ultimate collapse.

This is exponential. We don’t know exactly where we are in this process. But what Schlapp and his other swamp monsters have shown us is that we’re a lot further along than they’d ever care to admit.

So, live local, give local, act local and refuse to support the weary shopkeepers’ destructive schemes.

George D. O’Neill, Jr. is an artist based in rural Florida.

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