The danger of a Catholic president


President Biden’s celebrated opposition to the teaching of the Catholic Church leads to errors.

US Vice President Joe Biden (C) is flanked by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (R) as he comes to a special audience that Pope Francis with participants in a congress on the progress of regenerative medicine and its cultural implications in the Paul VI Hall in celebrates Vatican City, Vatican on April 29, 2016. (Photo by Giuseppe Ciccia / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

It is a real tragedy that both times the US has elected a Catholic president, we have spectacularly failed to elect an Orthodox one.

The truly historic part of President Joe Biden’s election is not that Vice President Kamala Harris is the first woman and colored person to serve, nor that he is the second “Catholic” President, but that Biden is the first “Catholic”. To be president open against church teaching on the most important and fundamental religious and political questions of the age: marriage, contraception, abortion, gender and religious freedom.

President Biden should be excommunicated, or at least denied fellowship, because of his own soul and those he affects with his falsehood. A “cultural Catholic” like Biden is dangerous. Catholics like him lead souls to error and sin by signaling that the teaching of the church is somehow optional, or that faith can be a private matter, an assent of the spirit or the feeling of the heart, and that Christ no longer demands of us.

Father David Dufresne of St. Mary’s Basilica in Alexandria, Virginia, said recently on a Sunday: “It is unthinkably scandalous that President Biden claims to be a devout Catholic, supports, advocates and wants us to average for the dismemberment of Children pay about 3,000 every day in America. But in my opinion it is even more scandalous that his bishops have said next to nothing and done nothing publicly in order to seek his repentance and conversion. “

The illusion that this type of liberal Catholicism is a legitimate expression of faith has already become the media narrative. ON New York Times Article claimed that in his inaugural address, Biden “rooted himself and the country in a Christian moral vision that creates space for a pluralistic society …”

Liberal journalists covering the religious blow claim that Biden is somehow “less sex-oriented” than his predecessor. While he has already signed executive orders repealing Mexico City’s policy (which prevents federal funding for overseas abortions), it has consistently promoted the transgender cause at the expense of women, promising to “restore and restore federal funding for planned parenthood.” repeal the Hyde Amendment and renew legal action against the little sisters of the poor. “

But of course, according to the media, only people who adhere to sexual ethics focus on sex.

This celebration of Biden’s brand of Catholicism is an overt example of how liberalism is at odds with real religion. A pluralistic society requires a dilution of faith in order not to face absolute truth. Liberalism requires a privatized belief that says, “I wouldn’t personally choose to kill my child, but I cannot take that choice away from others, ”as if saying that morality is relative and that these should be our laws too. This implies that secularism is somehow the obvious standard in a free society and that politics is not at the root of theology. That’s ridiculous.

But liberals also like the novelty of promoting a Catholic president – that’s how we came up with the fictional alumnus president of Notre Dame, Jed Bartlett The western wing. You can be “Catholic” as long as you are not Catholic. You can swear your oath on a Douay Reims Bible as long as you don’t believe in it too much. As Edward Condon recently said, Joe Biden’s public belief is “the illusion of Catholicism that expresses the colors and sounds of religion without uttering the uncomfortable truths of belief”.

Just compare Amy Coney Barrett’s treatment of Faith with Joe Biden’s. Both are Catholic, but one was feared for the authenticity of her faith and the other is hailed today as “perhaps the most religiously attentive commander in chief for half a century”.

Liberalism’s fear of an authentic Catholic in office has two main reasons: obedience to authority and sexual conservatism. A Catholic believes that the Church was founded by Christ and is protected from error by the Holy Spirit. Thus, it has ultimate authority over every Catholic. A Catholic’s personal interpretation of Scripture or a Catholic’s opinion of morality is irrelevant. The Catholic Church is the most visible remaining institution against contraception. Orthodox Catholics adhere to the teaching of the Church and are conservative When it comes to sex, the stuff that its natural end is procreation within the confines of marriage. In this way an Orthodox Catholic threatens the social order of liberalism, which is now based on the “freedom” of sexual relativism.

Liberalism fears that a Catholic would impose his worldview on body politics through temporal power. But I worry that false Catholics will lead souls to eternal error with their heresy. We must pray for President Biden’s conversion. Who knows – the Lord may be doing something we can’t see right now, as I trust President Trump to do.

Jessica Kramer is a freelance video host for the Media Research Center and writer currently based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. She is a graduate of TAC’s Constitutional Fellows program in fall 2020. You can follow her on Twitter @ JessKramer1776 or look at their budding Youtube channel.

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