The founder of the dating site ‘Sugar Daddy’ has been blown up amid prostitution and rape tubes


The founder of a “Sugar Daddy” dating service was arrested in Malaysia for alleged prostitution – and arrested again hours later after a “Sugar Baby” alleged she was raped on a date.

Police arrested the 34-year-old for the first time late Wednesday, the day after his Sugarbook service – which describes itself as “where romance meets finance” – was banned from operating on Malaysia’s Internet networks.

They didn’t identify him, but it was widely reported that he was Darren Chan, whose social media profile confirms that he is the founder and CEO of Sugarbook.

The initial arrest focused on alleged prostitution on the construction site, which openly boasted of getting thousands of college students to sign up as “sugar babies” for their “fully laden” rich men.

Chan was released after a hearing in Shah Alam Court Thursday – only to be arrested again that night to help investigate a woman who claimed to have been raped in February 2019, The Straits Times said.

He was arrested to “facilitate investigations into rape and prostitution cases” involving a university student.

The police had “received 74 police reports nationwide in connection with this case,” Selangor’s deputy supreme commander Datuk Fadzil Ahmat told The Star without going into detail.

Sugarbook was launched in 2017 to create “sugar relationships,” where “both parties define what they want in a relationship in exchange for financial support,” according to the website, which operates outside of Malaysia.

A sugar daddy has to be “fully loaded” in order to be able to “pamper his sugar baby”, an “individual who enjoys the finer things in life”.

“Sugarbook is made up of a large number of college and university students,” the website says, while others “could be a single mother or just a purposeful woman seeking a higher class of life”.

“These sugar babies often benefit from mentoring, generous allowances, exotic vacations, and shopping trips around the world,” it says.

The service even bragged about it, like a Malaysian sugar baby received a Mercedes-Benz C-Class by her Sugar Daddy – breaking the record for “the most expensive gift ever given to a sugar baby on Sugarbook”.

Prior to the arrests, Chan tweeted about Malaysia banning the service and website.

“Although we have no form of nudity, adult content or prostitution, we lost the battle,” he wrote in a statement. “We believe our Malaysian government knows what is best for the people.”

Chan is due to be on trial again on Friday, local reports said. According to Reuters, Sugarbook did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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