The Illinois mother left her sons at home alone for massages: police officers


An Illinois mother who works as a massage therapist left her two young sons home alone while giving a rub to an out-of-state client, police said.

Adriana Oray, 27, from Joliet, was accused Wednesday of endangering the health or life of a child after police said she left her 3 and 7 year old sons to make an appointment with a client in Indiana the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.

Oray told police she was a self-employed massage therapist, according to CBS Chicago.

Officials went to the residence for a social check on Wednesday after a teacher of the 7-year-old told the Illinois Department of Children Family Services that he was unattended there during a distance learning session.

When they got to Oray’s apartment, the police got her son’s phone number and called the woman who said she was on her way home. About 45 minutes later, she was taken into custody without incident before being released at her own discretion, Joliet police said.

A message requesting a comment from a Joliet police spokesman was not immediately returned on Friday.

Sgt. Dwayne English told Tribune Police reports that no evidence of child abuse or neglect was found in the home.

“One officer reported that the house was clean, the kids were in a good mood and nothing seemed out of place,” said English.

Oray’s sons have meanwhile been taken into protective custody by state child protection officials, the police said.

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