The Memphis police officer was charged with kidnapping and murdering a man while on duty


A Memphis police officer was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and killing a man on duty last week, the department said on Saturday.

Patric Ferguson, 29, an officer with the Memphis Police Department since 2018, is charged with the murder of 30-year-old Robert Howard, according to police.

“Nobody is above the law. To know that a Memphis police officer who has taken an oath of protection and service has made the decision to commit this terrible crime is devastating,” said Michael Rallings, director of the police force Memphis, in a statement posted on Facebook.

Ferguson is accused of first kidnapping Howard from his home and forcing the victim into his patrol car, police said.

The suspect, who has since been released from the department, allegedly drove to another area and into the city and fatally shot Howard, the authorities said.

Joshua Rodgers
Joshua Rodgers
Memphis Police Department

With the help of an acquaintance who was identified by police as 28-year-old Joshua Rogers, Ferguson Howard’s body moved.

A body believed to be Howard has been recovered, police said.

Authorities said Ferguson and the victim knew each other but did not elaborate.

Howard’s girlfriend reported him missing last Wednesday and told police he was last seen the day before.

In addition to the murder, Ferguson was accused of kidnapping, abusing a corpse, and forging and manipulating evidence.

Rogers was subsequently charged with aiding and abetting, abusing a corpse, and forging and manipulating evidence.

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