The only South Carolina survivor shot by Phillip Adams dies


COLUMBIA, S.C. – A sixth person died in a shootout earlier this week by a former NFL player who also killed four members of a South Carolina family.

Robert Shook, 38, an air conditioning technician from Cherryville, North Carolina, died as a result of Wednesday’s shooting while working at home, according to Sabrina Gast, a York County coroner.

According to authorities, Phillip Adams killed Rock Hill doctor Robert Lesslie. his wife Barbara; two of her grandchildren, 9 year old Adah Lesslie and 5 year old Noah Lesslie; and another air conditioning technician, James Lewis, who had worked with Shook in the Lesslie house.

Adams later shot himself. His brain is currently being screened for possible degenerative diseases, which have been shown to cause severe mood swings and other cognitive disorders in some athletes and members of the military.

Adams, 32, played 78 NFL games in six seasons for six teams. He joined the 49ers in 2010 as a draft pick from the state of South Carolina. Although he rarely started, he played for New England, Seattle, Oakland and the New York Jets before retiring from the Atlanta Falcons in 2015.

As a rookie, Adams suffered a serious ankle injury and never played for the 49ers again. Later, with the Raiders, he had two concussions over three games in 2012.

It was not immediately clear whether he suffered prolonged concussion injuries. Adams would not have been eligible for testing as part of a comprehensive agreement between the league and former players on such injuries as he had not retired until 2014.

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