The rebranding of the Columbus crew fails after a week after the indignation of the fans


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Thomas Tuchel threatens to undo the stellar work as problems emerge with Chelsea

Although Thomas Tuchel insisted that the final defeat in the FA Cup did not increase the “pressure” on the last three games of the season in Chelsea, the view from the club’s hierarchy may be slightly different. The head coach rightly identified Chelsea as a club defined by his win when he succeeded Frank Lampard in late January. So he knows that losing at the end of the season is even more expensive. Tuchel also knows that it would be a major blow to how impressive he has made two finals so far, lost both and possibly missed the top 4, and that the Champions League football that worked so hard to get there would be a serious setback. As harsh as it sounds, it would also mean that he failed in his letter. “No, absolutely not,” Tuchel said when asked if losing to Leicester sharpened the focus before meeting them again in the Premier League. “[Losing to] Arsenal have put the pressure on for Tuesday’s game, ”he said. “It [the final] was an isolated game, it has nothing to do with the race for the top 4 or the Champions League final. Arsenal had a lot to do with it, Man City’s win had to do with it positively. Arsenal unfortunately increased the pressure for Tuesday that game. This was a different competition. “A win over Leicester would not only help to correct the mistakes in the FA Cup final but also mean that qualifying for the Champions League in the final round of games would remain in the hands of Chelsea if they beat Aston Villa compete. Then there’s the Champions League final against City on May 29 after Pep Guardiola was recently beaten twice. Losing Porto to City wouldn’t be a failure as long as Chelsea make it into the top four, but losing two finals will relieve Tuchel’s early reign. This brings the FA Cup defeat to Leicester even more sharply into focus as a glorious missed opportunity. “It [defeat] is super hard to accept, but there is no team in the world that never loses a final. We are not the first, we are not the last, ”argued Tuchel. “This is about getting back on our feet and we’re not going to stop pushing the team. We know very well that this was a different competition and now we are pushing back in the race for the top four. It’s in our hands. “Although Tuchel argued that Chelsea were the better team against Leicester, unfortunately would not win, and that he was ‘unwilling to reverse-analyze this game from the result’, the reality is that he made mistakes, not least in his team selection . It was a compliment to Jamie Vardy that Tuchel switched his third back, with pacy Reece James on the right. Although James was to blame for Youri Tielemans’ goal, he performed well. The mistakes were elsewhere. It was wise To stick with Cup goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga when Edouard Mendy clearly instilled a far greater confidence in the team? Tuchel argued why Marcos Alonso was picked ahead of Ben Chilwell, but Chelsea were far more threatening when the former Leicester full-back was substituted on, while Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech not only disappointed, but stayed too long on the pitch, as Tuchy Abraham did not once accepted into his squad, it would be perverse if Tuchel didn’t press Chelsea to sell the striker this summer. The German has a huge loan in the bank, but suddenly, after moving forward so calmly and with such confidence, his performance is a bit more balanced. It will also be alarming that Chelsea’s standout performer this season Mason Mount is starting to look tired. No Chelsea player has played more minutes than the 22-year-old. Although he came closest to the goal and was turned down by Kasper Schmeichel with an outstanding save, Tuchel admitted that fatigue was a factor for someone he described as an “absolutely crucial player”. in his team. “It took a bit of effort to achieve the same effect as usual,” said Tuchel. Now is not the time for Chelsea to run out of steam. A league win against Leicester will change your complexion again. Everything else will be a problem. It’s about getting back on your feet, that’s sport. It’s so hard to accept because you never think about losing a final when you get there. But once that happens, it’s best to play again on Tuesday. There are many teams that are jealous of our situation. “

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