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The four astronauts from SpaceX’s first full mission to the International Space Station (ISS) were splashed back to earth off the coast of Florida.

It’s the first US undercover splashdown since then NASAApollo 8 returned from the moon in 1968.

SpaceXThe kite capsule was thrown into the Gulf of Mexico just before 8 a.m. CET (3 a.m. local time).

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The four astronauts rode home in the same kite capsule that brought them to the space station last November.

It was Mike Hopkins from NASA, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker, and Soichi Noguchi from Japan orbits the earth since November undocked from the International Space Station last year and about six hours before it entered the atmosphere.

Shortly after the kite capsule left the ISS, Glover tweeted “Earthbound” as he sped back to the planet from orbit.

In this image from a NASA TV video, the SpaceX Dragon capsule is retrieved from the Gulf of Mexico near the Florida Panhandle early Sunday, May 2, 2021. SpaceX brought four astronauts back from the International Space Station on Sunday, making the first US crew to cum in the dark since the Apollo 8 shot on the moon. (NASA TV via AP)
The capsule was taken to a nearby boat for the crew to disembark. Image: NASA

The 167-day mission is the longest for astronauts launched in the United States and almost doubles the previous record of 84 days set by NASA’s last Skylab crew in 1974.

SpaceX is the first private space operator to bring a crew to and from the ISS for a long mission.

Elon Musk’s company started a test mission early last year with two astronauts on board who only spent two months on board the ISS before returning to Earth.

After swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida’s panhandle on the Go Navigator boat, a team picked up the capsule and lifted it onto its deck to help the crew disembark safely.

The SpaceX crew landed under cover of darkness

If all is well, after medical examinations, the team will be helicoptered from the boat to NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas so they can be reunited with their families.

Once Go Navigator has docked in Florida, the space capsule is placed on the back of a flatbed truck and driven to NASA’s Cape Canaveral for review and evaluation.

Despite the nightly arrival of the crew, the Coast Guard enforced an 11-mile-wide exclusion zone around the splash site after a number of boats flooded the capsule on their return from their test mission in August, posing a safety risk to the team.

The capsule is being refurbished for SpaceX’s first private crew mission in September See a tech billionaire travel Three days in orbit, 75 miles above the ISS, with the winners of the competition and a doctor from a charity.

The SpaceX crew left the ISS about six hours before reaching the Gulf of Mexico

SpaceX will then launch its second fully manned mission to the ISS for NASA in October.

NASA recently reached out to private companies to end its reliance on Russia for space launches after shutting down its shuttle fleet in 2011.

Elon Musk’s company began unmanned shipments to the ISS in 2012, and Boeing is expected to begin its manned missions early next year.

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