The Supersonic Jet Hyper Sting would fly from NYC to London in just 80 minutes


A newly designed supersonic jet could fly passengers from New York City to London in just 80 minutes.

Dubbed the Hyper Sting, the conceptual aircraft would be nearly twice the size and fly twice the speed of the world’s last commercial supersonic jet, Concorde, which was retired in 2003.

The Hyper Sting, 100 meters long with a 50 meter wingspan, would rocket up to 170 passengers across the Atlantic and beyond at a speed of 2,486 miles per hour – more than three times the speed of sound.

“Concorde was a brilliant piece of machinery, a noble experiment, but it caused too many emissions in the environment, too much noise in our communities and was too expensive to run,” the vehicle’s Spanish designer, Oscar Viñals, told The US Sun.

Two ramjets powered by a small nuclear reactor would propel the jet to its incredible speed. It would also require the use of a cold fusion nuclear reactor, which remains a theoretical concept to this day, The Sun reported.

The jet would be powered by two ramjet engines and a small nuclear reactor.

The last supersonic jet was decommissioned in 2003.

Oscar Viñals is no stranger to high-speed aircraft, having designed several in the past.

That "hyperstitch" would be almost 2 times larger than the Concorde.

The “Hyper Sting” would be almost 2 times larger than the Concorde.

“A new era of supersonic flight may be upon us, but there are challenges to be overcome when it comes to flying faster than the speed of sound,” Viñals said.

Viñals is also behind the designs of other major high-speed flight projects, including Sky Whale and Big Bird. He decided to scale back his massive aircraft designs with the Hyper Sting and instead focus on developing a high-speed jet that could be zooming through the air in the near future.

“Today there are several projects for a new era of supersonic flight from various private and public initiatives, some of which are in full swing and could become a real concept in a few years.”

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